Northern NC YoYo Alliance

This is a thread just to talk about ideas on starting a club in between the triangle and triad. If you have ideas, post them here.

EDIT First meet should be Saturday the 28th at University Mall, 2-5. Ask Hippo Samurai for more info.

EDIT We are currently meeting every Sunday at University Mall from 2 until 5. It is out in front of the store “A Southern Seasons.” There is plenty of room, and not very many people, so you don’t have to worry about crowds.

University mall in Chapel Hill? I think it would be a good spot because it has plenty of open spaces to lounge around and it’s never too busy.

I’m in Waynesville… Nobody is near me.

Sounds good. We just need someone to organize it, and get the Mall’s permission. I was going to say Crabtree Vally Mall, because of the logo store. We could come up with really neat side effects. Then I remembered that it’s crowded.

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What do you mean by creating side effects? There’s really no reason university mall wouldntet a few yoyoers in, but ill call in advance. How do we want to let people know about our club?

Well, I’ll post it on YYN. Also the side effects thing, there’s Lego compatible ones.

First things first. We need a name. How about Northern North Carolina Yoyo Alliance? Or a Yoyo Prestige Federation of Excellence.

NNCYYC - Northern North Carolina Yo Yo Club?

It needs pizzazz. Or make the first letter of each word spell something. But I might pm some people that I suspect live in NC and tell them about High Octane Yoyos.

Hate to break it to everyone but…

Learning express in Huntersville. 1-3pm every Sunday.

3 hours away is a little far for me.


I can actually go to the crabtree valley mall because that place is pretty close to me.

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I drove four and a half hours for the first one that was held. Glad that I went before life got to busy. Awesome group of throwers.

so i looked at where I am in relation to Crab tree mall, and it seems like I would be able to go there. Would that work better for everybody?


Crabtree is closer to me, but I can probably make either.

yeah crab tree is actually a good bit farther for me… would University mall be better? Or do you guys live in Raleigh, where crabtree is?

I live about a Mile from the Wake Forest/Raleigh border.

Oh, ok. So it would be a lot closer for you.