Looking to start a Maryland yoyo club.

Hey I just thought it would be cool to have a yoyo club that meets up somewhere like once every month or every couple months and just hang out and do tricks and maybe trade and stuff like that. I live in Frederick, MD so if anyone kind of close is interested lets make it happen.

Im in DC
were you at the Birdhouse tour stop in Fredrick?
I was.

Northern Virginia guy here. I was at the Birdhouse Frederick tour stop. We have at least 3 over here that would be interested depending on location. I’m in Leesburg, there’s one in Alexandria and the third’s a little further out in Winchester.

Me and the Alexandria guy met up last week in Reston Town Center. Would love to grow the group and actually start getting a meet going with some respectable numbers.

I know a guy around DC.

I’ve got a friend from where I live in Frederick that would definitely be interested.

We’re thinking that maybe the national mall makes the most sense as a location. That’s our best central location for both VA and MD players. I’d love to get it organized for sometime in November. I’ve made a doodle poll for the last 3 weekends in November to see who can make it on what days so we can pick an appropriate time. Here’s a link to the poll (http://www.doodle.com/v9e2bixw5vg9qav2)

Figured Saturdays/Sundays at noon made the most sense. Feel free to send the poll on to whoever you think may be interested or refer them to this thread.

ages? ???

Nivo, cddr and myself are all in our late 20’s. I’d say all ages are welcome for the meetup but I’d recommend that the younger throwers bring your parents with you.

im a younger yoyoer

Hey guys, someone directed me to a link on that other store called the Maryland yoyo shnobs and its already a group that meets up and stuff.

Its kinda big…
I would like a smaller group better.

I posted the doodle over to the Maryland shnobs thread on that other store as well. It doesn’t seem as though that group has met in a while based on what I’m reading in the thread but hopefully some of them are interested in the cross-state MD/VA meet as well.

We’ll see what sort of responses I get. If you’re interested in coming but haven’t filled out what days you are available on the doodle, here’s the link again (http://www.doodle.com/v9e2bixw5vg9qav2)

will there be trading at the meet up?

I won’t be trading. Suppose others might be.

I’m game for trading if we meet up

I’ve got 2 protostars,Supernova Lite, Northstar, Antipodes, Big Yo(if i can find it) 888 (if I can find it. Yes, i lost a $100 yoyo in my closet). REALLY WANT TO TRADE AT THE EVENT

hullo all, just signed up here 'nother md yoyoer . .Plank are you decahedron on yoyonation forum? I’m always open to trading . .

Yeah decahedron and i are, we actually live by each other too, in Frederick, it would be optimal if anyone else lived in frederick.

I live in Smithsburg, (I know Deca, we almost met up today . .but we spazzed out ::)). Maybe Friday we’ll hook up?

That’d be sweet.