Capital YOYO Club - DC/MD/northernVA (Nova Throwers) May updated!!'


Our next meet will be on April 21st!!! At Union Station, Washington, DC. Most of us will take the metro, you can drive but parking might be difficult.

Plan to be there between 10am-11am and probably stay around till whenever people decide to leave.

We usually meet at the main lobby area afterwards we usually go to the food court and might hang out there for a bit. If weather permits, we might take a stroll outside around the area and go to other venues later during the day.

Will try our best to post updates on this post.

Hope to see everyone there!

CYYC - Capital YOYO CLUB - Group of people who loves to throw. We have throwers from all over Northern Virginia, Washington DC, West VA and Maryland.

Like our Facebook page:

Members : Salzorin (Sam), Cdd1983 (Craig), LT , Nivo (Niven). GunstarHero (Chuck) . Yoyoavenger (Adam), Max, Jebido (Drew), Tray , Dik Stohr, Will (DecaHedron), Ghost (Ghost8982), Joel (Jomo), Jamie (Kelyon), Jacob (Trace) ,Zach, Justin, Adrian, Chris ,Aaron, Josh, Luke , Chris Powell, Dan , Christoph, Ennis, Jesse, William, Eric, Brandon, Jin,Michael, Ann Connolly, Tom Connolly (there are more peeps but cant remember, pm me) graeme steller (from OneDrop) Johnny from ten yoyo!!. Plus like 10 others who are not on the forums.

Things we do : YoYo (duh) , Trade, Try each others throw, help each other out with tricks, talk about anything and everything yoyo. All level of throwers welcome, from beginners to experts! We are also trying out different games, today we tried to pass a Go Big in between the four of us and tried not to drop it. Next time we will try to do it with two Go Bigs!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Any new Ideas for games or any other ideas in general are welcome.

Recently we started throwing at local malls and we are trying to spread the joy of YOYOing and build our group. Any help from companies appreciated. André from YYE sent us some flyers and stickers which we will give out. OneDrop sent us some stickers and YoyoFactory sent us a One and a bunch of picture … check on page 15 for a pic of their stuff. (will be giving these out as well, and the ONE will go to someone who actually shows interest and wants to learn and come to our meets)

See you there. Please pm any one of our members for more info.

Soooo… I havent uploaded any recent pix … so I will just put these here :

Last meet Ann Connolly and Graeme Steller hung out with us

Oh yea I was at worlds :

in DC where Jesse (JSING2k) got lost on the metro lmao :

Random goofy meet :

another awesome meet :

another one where we were all concentrating :

I forget all the dates, but they dont matter cus we were having way too much fun.

Hope to see yall soon!!!

4/14/12. Our first meet : LT,Niven,Sam,Craig.

5/5/12… Our second meet: Tray,Craig,LT,Sam,Adam,Niven,Drew,Dik.

6/2/12… Our Third meet : Will , Niven, Chuck, Sam

7/7/12 … Our Fourth meet : Kelyon,Salzorin,Trace,Nivo,Zack,Ghost,Jomo

thanks for the group pic Ghost, he is also working on a group video!!! look out for it!! I will post a link once its up.

Our First Video :

Our meet on August 11th , 2012:

Justin, Adrian, Chris, Niven, Ghost, Chris ,Aaron, Josh, Jamie and Luke (had a blast)

Another AWESOME meet !! September 15th 2012:

Jamie, Zack, Enis, Jake, Luke, Christoph, Chris, Niv0, Joel, Dan, Sam, Ghost.

October meet :

Picture came out blurry but we are all there ;D October 2012

Our first CYYC event, where we were teaching kids to yoyo. Here is our group pic, but more to come soon. November 2012

Visit to YOYOJOES!!

VA state 2013!!
Group (about 5 other guys missing)

Our Feb 2013 Meet. This meet went great and we had Ann Connolly join our club before she headed out to NewYork for the Toy Fair. We hope see comes back to visit us again.

Another EPIC MEET!!! man I have to say this was by far the most fun we have had at a meet. We had a small contest thing and 1st place and 2nd place winners got a yoyo. :slight_smile: A yyf whistler and an ILYY Josy-ANN.
Here is our group pic but we are missing like 6 more guys who showed up a bit latter… like Zack, Jacob,Jesse,William, Ann and Tom.

How many awesome meets are we going to have? Well the last one was so great that Devonte made a video so check it out :

April 2013


We have a club!! Had a blast today looking forward to next!! We just need more people so come join us.


us md folk are meeting round 11 at baker park in frederick md if you guys are interested! Love to have ya there!


I go to school at George Mason. I just found this page so I’m going to do my best to make it to the meet in May!


yall should do a meet in richmond ;D

its Northern virginia compared to… well… southern virginia?


Awesome the more the merrier! Just watch the thread has we get closer to may 5. Hope to see you there.


Yeah we should… There was talk about doing a big Va meet cus I met a bunch of people down in Richmond at Va states… We should do like a whole day Kind of thing… Most of the guys here though are probably 2-3 hours away from Richmond … So it would have to be planned accordingly to everones availability… We set it up as first sat of each month so that it’s easier to plan stuff because we know we are meeting in sterling … Y don’t u guys come up here and we will switch it up next time lol :smiley:


just hitting this thread so I know what’s up, I replied on the nation, but just in case . . :slight_smile:


I can come right?


Offcourse … Bring anyone else who wants to come!!!


Just bumping this to remind everyone that the first Saturday of the month is coming up. May 5th, be there or be square, refer to the start of the thread for location and time information.


dang! The girlfriend has me spoken for on cinco de mayo . . next time gents . .


hey try to come to the next one …We are not going anywhere!!! Next one is on June 2nd… but still try to come this weekend … cinco de mayo :stuck_out_tongue:

also adding this just incase (its on the main post already but) :

i got in touch with D-Ick Stohr (can’t say his first name on the forums for some reason)… but this guy :,16391.0.html

yes him … i have contacted him and he is also excited to come out to our meet. This weekend is going to be a blast!!! hope to see you there!!!


Mr.Stohr used to come to some of our SEVA meets and contests back in the day. He’s a great guy and does a lot for the community, I’m excited to see him again it’s been a couple years.


Meets tommorow hope everybody whos know wbout can make it. Also mapping the address nivo left gets you close but to clarify when you enter the park on fairway you turn left on volcanoe island dr, towards the water park. We meet in the big shelter by the parking lot. See everybody tommorow around 11 am.


Okay I need to go to bed sooner on Friday because I’ve got to drive an hour and a half and get there at eleven, so I got to wake up at 9:00 instead of 12:30… =/


lol yea try on june 2nd … updated with new pic :slight_smile: for todays meet … was great …


Another great meet and we doubled in size. How awesome is that! Thanks for coming out everybody and I look forward to seeing everyone again on 6/2.


Drew is Trace right? Or am I wrong?


sorry drew, nevermind. You are Jedibo