Frederick County Maryland Club?


Sooo, I want to start a Frederick County club. Anyone around there?


Uh I live in Howard county there is another dude in Fredrick county I know of as well that came to the eldersburg meet up but I only saw him once. There are also several yoyoers in Carroll county. Due to that fact that there’s a Yoyo club meeting at the eldersburg library. However most of the yoyoers at the club we get are coming from the Towson area.


I know a yoyoer who used to live there…he’s in college now…Plank4god


Oh yeah that dude I think there was something going on and he decided to quit yo-yoing for some reason.


Greetings google maps… It’s been a while…


wat? how is google maps useful in a crisis like this!


i don’t know where Fredrick county md is. That’s why I needed google maps. What crisis?


I don’t know but Fredrick county is on the western side of MD also known as a 45 minute drive from central MD where I live. It’s on more of the western side of MD I can see the foothills of the Appalachian mountains when my mom drives off the highway.


So if i start one, would anyone come?


As long as I am not working, I would be there. I’m just East of Catonsville


Cool this thread was brought back to life! I live 3 hr. away… but If I know a date like… a month in advance (and no other plans are made) I may be able to come :slight_smile:


Wait… Legyoyo you live in MD? In that case we need to meet up so I can buy a holster lol.


yeah man :smiley:

I live in the peninsula though… but i live near a pretty sweet pond, so we could meet up there if you ever come over here :smiley:

though i hope to make a club meet if thus does happen


leg lives in Salisbury Aka that place you go to if you wanna find a place to stay at the beach.


exactly. :smiley:

But hey, if you’re ever going to the beach, let me know, I may be there :slight_smile:


I’m in Maryland, but in Montgomery Country, right near DC. I believe another thrower is around you guys, but I forget his name. The cool other asian dude who made finals at VA States. I forget his name.


when are VA States?


Well, usually in January in Richmond. But this year, there’ll either be VA States or MAR, ran by Samm Scott. They’ll probably announce the dates in November/December. Hopefully MAR is in Richmond, as YoYoJoes shut down.


So, funny story for you guys…

As I was borderline begging to go to penn states, and as they were continually saying “no son, you cray-cray”, yoyo clines came up. I mentioned there might be a club in Fredrick county, and lo and behold they said “that’s doable”… So, if this starts, I’M IN! And somebody give noonar a ride to md, I wanna meet that chill dude! :smiley:


Alright, so I’ve got to check my schedule, but i was thinking we do it at baker park? Unless it’s cold, then we could meet at this place called the Business Factory of Frederick? And sorry i havent been reading this that much, ive been swamped with homework and other school stuff