Tryin to start a yo-yo club in the Dallas-fort worth area

Anybody in the DFW area looking to meet up and start a club???

I’m here :saluting_face:

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If we can get more people I’d totally be down


Let’s do it!!!

Anything ever come of this?

Not yet. I still wanna do this.

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Finally! Yes I’m in DFW and have been trying to find some people to throw with! Been throwing since 2009 and was pretty active in the Utah Yoyo club before graduating high school and moving a bunch and now winding up in DFW. Would love to meet up and throw with y’all sometime!


Plano here :wave:


Fort Worth here


I encourage you all to just start. Consistency is a key so find a time and place that someone will be at consistently. Like “second Saturday of every month from noon-3pm at XYZ park”. You can start a free Facebook group where you can create an event for this meet. Post the specifics here and then just start having it. You will be amazed how many people you will shake out. Be persistent! At the start it may be just you and another person but with time you will gain momentum and members!

Go for it! Who is scheduling the first meet up!?!?

Best wishes from Mile High Yoyo Club!



Thanks bobafret! Great points, and I totally agree. I looked through Facebook for yoyo groups in Texas/DFW and came across this group that appears to have been pretty inactive for a while for the Lone Star Spinners yoyo club in DFW Lone Star Spinners | Facebook

Could be good to consider corresponding there to see if we can get some activity going there again, especially since there are some more people there as well that seem to be interested in getting the club going again. If it doesn’t work out there though, I’d be willing to try and plan a meetup somewhere in the middle of Dallas and Fort Worth, maybe in Grapevine? It looks like the Lone Star Spinners used to meet at the Grapevine Library.


I’m pretty sure there is a local club meeting in that area. I’ll ask the person who should know.



Thank you for looking into this Andre! We really appreciate it. Hope you’re doing well!

Turns out the club is in Abilene - so quite a drive from Dallas-Fort Worth area!

Always amazing how big Texas is!

Hope something comes together in that area. If someone is interested in running a club feel free to connect with us for some starter supplies:


Thank you so much for looking into this Andre! You’re right, Texas is huge, and Abilene might be a bit far for sure. That said, we’ve been getting in contact with some previous members of Lone Star Spinners which used to be a very active yoyo club in Dallas and we’re trying to get something going again. Once we do, we would love to reach out and work with you on the starter supplies especially as the group grows, thank you for your generosity and support! Stay tuned y’all!

For now, I’ve talked with the Grapevine Library last week and there’s potential to meet there since Lone Star Spinners previously met there, but I haven’t heard back from them on their decision yet. In the meantime I’m leaning towards reserving a room at my city’s community rec center to meet for the time being while we determine the best meeting location. I’d love to get a meet or two in before the holidays and will keep y’all posted as progress is made. Thanks for your patience and help!


Abilene is a good drive from where I live at. I tried to get in contact with some of the cats from lone star spinners but nothin came to fruition. If anyone wanna meet up, I’m down for it. Whether it’s in my city or close to your city, I’m down. Let’s get somethin goin!!!

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Totally agree Mark! I’m going to take a closer look into options in my city but if you can find anything that’s reasonably priced (or free) let me know! As it stands, the cheapest I found in my city is $45/hr for a room at the Flower Mound Community Activity Center that can hold 60. It’s a good facility and I’d be open to using that until we find something less expensive if people are willing to help chip in for the cost (maybe like 10 bucks). Our library has rooms for free, but doesn’t allow people to reserve them unless you’re a non-profit or a civic group and we would be neither of those.

I want to get something going and I’m more than happy to help get the ball rolling. Yoyoing is honestly so much fun with friends so let’s do it!

@Yoyomanremo do you know of any places near where you live that could host yoyo clubs as well? Just trying to keep our options open while we figure things out and wait to hear back from Grapevine Library.

I think I can find a spot around my area. I know this one library I used to frequent would be a good spot.


Awesome, thanks for looking into that! I’ll also call around a few local libraries and ask them directly rather than going just off their website info :person_shrugging: