Lone Star Spinners (DFW)

Next Meet Up:
Date: Saturday, October 10
Time: 1:00 PM
Place: Grapevine Public Library

Website: https://www.spintastics.com/SSTlonestar.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lone-Star-Spinners/960462820637550?ref=hl

Welcome! With Dale and Val Oliver’s blessing (and guidance!), the Lone Star Spinners Club is back! Everyone from the DFW area and beyond is welcome to hang out and throw. We’ll update this first post with new meet up dates, club news, etc. Also “Like” and follow our Facebook page. If you’d like to get text message updates on meet ups, please PM me your number. Don’t forget to introduce yourself below!

Alright, alright, alright!

I’ll go first!

Name: Anthony
Location: Dallas
Age: 29

Been yo-yoing off and on since I was 13, more off than on. Not a competitor by any means, although I did compete at a few contests in the late 90s. More of a collector and sport ladder enthusiast these days, but always happy to learn something new!

Moved to Dallas a year ago for work, will be here for the foreseeable future. Excited to meet everyone, hope we get a good turn out! My wife and two kids will be joining me at most meet ups, feel free to invite kids, friends, whomever!

Hey peoples, I’m 28 years old, I like Japanese yo-yos, I live in Waco, etc.

I do 1A and 5A and am better at 5A but not great at either. I’m mostly a collector, haven’t been playing long enough to be competitive level.

So…how long will the meeting last? I have a doctor’s appointment on 11/8 in Austin. It’s really early in the morning so I might be able to make the meet if I don’t have to wait too long and there’s not bad traffic.

Name: Aaron
Location: Rowlett
Age: 14

I do 1A and a little 4A, but not great at either. I love playing fixed axle though.
I really like YYF and OD, and want to try some YYR, but don’t have any yet. Planning on getting a Triad and Diffusion 2 soon though.

I moved here from San Antonio a few years ago, and will stay for a while. Can you make the meeting place somewhere near a DART station? Easiest way for me to get to Dallas by far, since there’s one a couple miles from my house.

Hey all, just ran across this post and this forum today. Just picked up yoyo again after a bit of a hiatus. I’m now 31, used to yoyo a bunch in Jr. High through College but put it aside for a long time and recently got one again yesterday as something to do. I’m in Fort Worth, keep me in the loop, I don’t mind making a drive out to Dallas.

Great to see a few of you have expressed interest! I know there are at least a few more lurking. :wink:

Location is still TBD, but so far seems like a park near a Dart station would be ideal. Maybe near SMU? Feel free to throw out suggestions! I know there are a couple throwers in Carrolton and there abouts as well, so let me know if y’all could make it down.

We’ve got a text message thread going as well, please PM me your cell # if you’d like to be included!

I plan on sticking around for at least a couple hours, if you’re able to make it that’d be awesome, but that’s a lot of driving!

Nice, we’ll try to find a convenient spot for everyone (probably easier said than done).

Welcome to the forum! It’d be great to have you come out to one of our meet ups. I believe you can subscribe to this thread and get notifications when there are new posts. Either way, check back soon for details on the next meet!

Greetings all!

I live in Waxahachie (about a half hour south of Dallas). I’ve been yo-ing for a few years. I teach middle school and we have a yoyo club on campus, so I get to introduce new kiddos to the yoyo world, which is pretty fun. Hope to see you guys at the meetup!


After receiving a number of PMs, it seems there is a lot of interest in holding a meet up somewhere that is more easily accessible to throwers in the entire DFW area, e.g., Grapevine. What are your thoughts?

We’ll try and decide in the next week or so, so that everyone can start planning.

Name: Steiffan
Location: Carrollton
Age: 22

I throw 1a most of the time. Little bit of 4a also. Can’t wait to meet up!

Hey Jake here. Been yoyoing for a little over a year now. Mostly 1A some one handed looping. I’m on campus at UNT. Excited for the meet and hope to meet some of yall.

Awesome! Looks like we’re going to have a good showing.

Hey Steiffan. Looking forward to seeing you again!

Totally wish houston was as boomin as the dfw area is

Make it hap’n, cap’n!

(And you’re always welcome to come out to DFW! ;))

For those looking for an informal Pre-Meet Up, Val Oliver will be doing some yo-yo instruction at Continental Bridge in Dallas on November 1st at 2pm. I’ll plan on being there with the family. If anyone is interested in a short meet up before our official first meeting, let me know!

Where: Continental Bridge, near the Children’s climbing area
When: November 1, 2pm

I’m so glad this is happening!

Name: Cade
Location: Dallas
Age: 20

I throw 1A 75% of the time, with the other 25% is evenly divided between 3A, 4A & 5A. I love to Yo-Yo & dance at the same time to music with a beat, mostly electronic. I will be there for the Pre-Meet and the Meet. See you guys there!