Updt!! "DFW Thrower Club" Dallas Fort Worth Tx

[size=10pt]Go see this thread… newest happeningz in the DFW/ North Texas area[/size]


Alright … DFW Texas has been too quiet for too long. Our Yoyo Contest moved far far away and it seems everyone became “bedroom throwers”.  It’s time for this to stop. So calling all yoyo, kendama, astrojax, footbag, top, diabolo players.  It looks like Houston is getting their stuff together… why not us?

I’ll be picking up the pieces and getting stuff started in DFW.  I have found in the past with these sort of things that phone numbers work better than expecting someone to check the forum for our next meet.  PM me so we can swap numbers and email.  I will only use this info to send out a text on the location, date, and time of the next meet. With this method i’ve had great success meeting people from other hobbies i’ve had in the past.

There are many more things that will need to be done over the next few months for our club to be successful. But for now I’ll just be setting a date and time to meet and play with our toys each month.

I’ll keep this post reserved for updating Date, Time and Location for our next meet…

Date: April 12th
Time: 2:00-4:30 ish
Location: Clifford E. “Bill” Hall Park Carrollton 75006… If you ride DART I can pick you up from the Trinity Mills station so you don’t have to walk 1.5 miles to the park.
heres a google map

Club Business… that we need to act on to be a successful club… we don’t have to do this stuff… and im fine just setting up monthly meets… but if we want a real yoyo/skill toys community and to get a contest back in our area… i think this might be necessary at some point.
A:Club Promotion.
A1:Email Address - Due 2/8. Hopefully we can snag DFWSkillToyClub@something.com
A2:Facebook - Will set up after getting email address.
A3:Twitter - ??
A4: Website - there is a cost involved in developing and hosting a good one. Lots of work to be done here. But very necessary for web presence and actually showing up when people search for a yoyo club in a search engine… lets talk and set a goal for this.
-Look at some sort of secure texting subscription service so i don’t have to keep up with phone numbers and give people a way to “suscribe” and “unsubscribe” easily. I’d love to shoot everyone a text that says "Look at the updated thread on yoyoexpert.com
-Should we pick the same day (1st Saturday)  and time every month to meet?

Introduce yourself

Name: James Wray
Skill Toy: Yoyo
Location: Carrollton
Age: 32

I’ve been yoyoing for a year seriously. My son asked for a yoyo Christmas 2012 been throwing every since. My kid will be tagging along with me to the meets. I should probably hook him up with his own screen name so he can post.

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I’m in abilene. About 2 hours west of the airport. I would love to come out to one once everything is situated. Can’t wait :wink:

We may end up with something like … “2nd Saturday of each month” when it gets too difficult to find a day that works for everyone.

If i had to drive a couple of hours… i’d be waiting till spring time when we meet at the park and I grill up some burgers to chow down on :smiley:

Name: Steiffan Mang
Skill Toy: Yoyo
Location: Carrollton
Age: 21

Can’t wait for the meet!!

Been throwing for almost 6 years.

I was just throwing on my break at work… a lady walked by and said “my son would like that he was watching yoyo videos on the computer” … we swapped emails…

adding to the list… need official DFW Skill Toys email address…

I visit family in DFW a few times per year. If one of your meets coincides with when I’m there, I’ll definitely come.

Haha count me in on that one :wink:

Name:Jake Stonebarger
Toy: Yo-Yos

Been throwing about 6 months and am just practicing on getting consecutive. Excited for the meet so I can get some tips. Also hoping to get people on campus interested in how awesome and fun yoyos can be.

Name: Hayden Daniels
Skill toy(s): Yoyos and Kendama
Location: Richardson
Age: 15

I’ve been yoyoing for a year solid and I started Kendama a few weeks ago. I’m very exited for this club and I can’t wait to see where it goes! This will be the first time I’ve actually met with committed yoyoers so this is gonna be awesome.

I also have a friend who I recently got into yoyos and he said he’d definitely come!


Name: Anthony Montague
Skill Toy: Yoyo (got a Diablo for Christmas I’ll bring… haven’t learned a thing on it!)
Location: Dallas
Age: 29

Been yo-yoing off and on since I was 13, more off than on. Moved to Dallas about 6 months ago for work, will be here for the foreseeable future. My job can be somewhat unpredictable hours/days wise, but I’m gonna do my best to get out there March 1st. Sundays won’t work for me, but Saturdays are almost always open. Looking forward to it–let me know how I can help!

Date, Time, Place … Updated.

I’ll send a text with the address to everyone.

Let me know, maybe I can come out.

I don’t think I could do February but if I can get enough time in advance I would not mind going sometime I live in Oklahoma so I would have to plan the trip.

Is this still happening on Saturday? Haven’t heard anything.

so april… same place or somewhere else?

Same place works for me! First weekend in April I already know I’m booked up, so if no one else cares, maybe we could do the second weekend (April 12?)?

Did you guys do the meet? I would’ve loved to come but I was in Austin with my brother that day :stuck_out_tongue: But I also met up with kulazndoode the other day to make a trade so that was pretty cool of him. Have you guys set up a date for April yet?