New Redding CA yoyo club starting soon

After many years of trying I have recently had enough interest to push forward a yoyo club in the Redding area. Currently planning our first meeting. Head to for info and please leave input. I’m new to running a club :slight_smile: so any input is appreciated.

I was under the impression that redding already had a yoyo club.

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We do? COOL

I tried this about 3 years ago lol. I tried finding yo-yoers in the Redding area! Where have you guys been? Lol let’s do it!

We’ll I thought that things were starting to look positive in regards to getting this club going. Unfortunately NO ONE has contacted me with interest or input on the club. I’ll keep posting at the blog ( hope some more yoyo nerds like myself will contact me so we can get the ball rolling.

Well, I’m not in redding on most weekdays(school and stuff), so weekends would have been better, but i know you are busy on most weekends…

I can prob spare some time on a Saturday once a month or so. Like I mentioned on the blog we could meet up at the sundial for an hr or so. Show off our skills ( not that mine are all that good)


It’s not about who is good or the best! It’s about having fun!! :smiley:

I think once a month at the sundial sounds great!

Hey everyone. I’m interested in meeting. I like the idea of meeting at the Sundial Bridge. Once a month is realistic. Weekdays are best for me. I could probably meet on the weekend once in a while, but not consistently. Let’s set a date for our first meet!

Great to hear from you! Keep checking the blog I have been speaking with a few others interested in the club and will be putting up a possible day and time soon and see if it will work for every one.

Let choose a day to talk about the club! It sounds like we have conflicting schedules,but I imagine some of that will change in a couple of weeks when schools out. We could also rotate meet times to accommodate different schedules… just a thought.

We could do like the first _____ on the month…

I was thinking we pick an arbitrary date to meet, like say next Thursday evening. Then we could discuss official meeting times. It would be easier to hash out with everyone there. I guess the alternate is for everyone to list days of the week that work for them. I’m not suggesting any particular method is better than another, just trying to progress things along.

Hmmmmm… I will be busy on Thursday…

Ok redding yoyoers as usual there is a flurry of interest in getting a club going then a week later the interest falls off the map. We’ll… I’m done with my mountain bike race I was training for and have a bit more free time to work on the club. Would you rather have a quick meeting down at the sundial just to talk about how you see the club evolving and throw a bit. Or…shal I reserve a meeting room at a pizza joint where we can sit down and enjoy an age appropriate beverage of choice, have some pie and see what evolves from there? Your input would be appreciated. Please respond here or at I will post this same thread there. Cheers!

I say at the sundile.

Just got my license yesterday so hopefully I can meet up sometime!

Appreciate the input guys. Let’s just keep in touch and eventually we will come up with a plan we can all agree on. I have sat-mon off until daylight savings time in the fall then back to 5 8’s. Does anyone have a bit of time tomorrow? (Sunday 6/1) I will be on a training ride near and on the river trail and could meet at the bridge sometime after 12:00 pm. Would have to be fairly brief but at least it’s a start.

OHH, I’m in redding today and tomorrow with all my throws!

I’ll ask my dad.