YoYoers in LA?

Hey everyone!

I live just north of LA in Simi Valley. Does anyone live around me. I picked yoyoing back up 6 months ago after a 10 year hiatus, and it’s getting boring yoyoing alone. I have tried to get my wife and friends to pick it up, but can’t. I would love to get together!

Hey I’m in town from NH. Would love to get together and throw a little. Staying in downtown but will be all over the place all week.

I’m coming to LA soon and I was wondering if there are any good yoyo shops there?

I have actually looked for one this week but have not been able to find one.

i live in la, but not downtown i live in the valley

Cool not sure where that is but today I will be at Santa Monica pier throwing some yoyo for sure.

In the San Fernando Valley? If so, would you want to get together?

I am off all this week. We should get together! My phone number is (805) 796-7477.

I live smack dab in the center of LA. I go to school in north hollywood (closer part of the valley). If any one is looking for a shop, check out the redondo kite store. If anyone wants to get to gather in hollywood or something, pm me.

Getting together at the Westin on Friday will post the time soon if you can make it @NhYoyoclub will post the time

Ok this Friday at 10am yoyo meet up in LA at the Westin hotel on the pool deck!!

I know in LA there’s the Redondo Beach Kite Shop that has yoyo meets every Saturday or Sunday (can’t remember) at their store, and there’s DXL meet-ups I think in Costa Mesa, so that might be a little far.

Hey thanks for the info looked up the Kite shop. I wont be able to make their yoyo class but might get a chance to stop by.

I think there should be a regular LA yoyo club. maybe around hollywood or north hollywood if more people are in the valley. I could try to organize this, but i usually suck at that. Where would be the best place to meet up? parks or coffee shops or malls or something? and how many people would be willing to go often? also, how often should it meet?

I live in Simi Valley, and Redondo beach is a long way away. Would you want to meet up?

I kind of want to start an official LA yoyo meet up now that I think about it. I am not sure how many other people would be interested though.

I’ll be there 28th through the 3rd for AX. Anyone going?

It sounds good. It would be to far for me to drive on a consistent basis. :frowning:

I am thinking maybe in north hollywood. i know of a few parks, and i go to school there. it is in the valley, but not too far from the city

I live in the Valley also in Canoga Park. Hit me with a pm if anyone is near the area!