Los Angeles/North hollywood meetup

(LookAYoYo) #1

I live in Los Angeles, and I know about DXL and Redondo kite shop, but I don’t like driving that far. There needs to be something within Los Angeles area. There was a different thread a while back about yoyoers in LA and now I want to start a meetup. I think the best location would be North hollywood park at the skate park. There are some restaurants not too far, it takes 20 minutes to get there from the city, and it isn’t too far for people who live in the valley. I just want to see who would be interested and when would be a good time.

I don’t check the forum too much, so if I don’t respond for a while, then anyone can call or text me: (323) 434 0889. The name is max


So, let me get this straight?

You want to meet others but you’re not willing to make a big effort? Well, I can understand. Maybe you need to ask for a ride. However, you’re going about this kind of poorly.

First, step up the efforts a tad. If you’re not big on the forums, that’s fine. Just don’t do a “drive by” and expect much to happen. Swing by the forums. Maybe make a Facebook group or something. Find some method that makes it convenient for you to make contact with others.

Second, be willing to go to OTHER meets. I’m actually trying to incorporate yoyo meets into my travel plans. I’m planning a trip to Santa Cruz, but there’s a yoyo group in the area. I figure time the trip so I can hit their meet. My wife needs to go to a temple in San Jose once a month, so we coordinate that around a meet of a group in San Jose, a mere 15 minutes from the temple. When I go to Disneyland now, I have people I want to meet up with and places I want to visit, again, incorporating yoyo into what I do. However, since I’ll be in Anaheim, you’d have to come to Redondo Beach or somewhere not too far. I mean, I did drive 6.5 to 8 hours from my home in Sacramento, and time is a at a premium for me, but I have a navigation system and all I need is an address.

I’m planning a trip to Vietnam in March. Already hooked up with 3 clubs to visit when I am there. Not bad! Thank you Facebook!

Make an effort. I am in Sacramento and while it’s not going as well or as fast as I want, it’s worth the effort. I’ve hooked up with Dr. YoYo, YoLex, met some great people and now I do sound for CalStates and BAC.

I’ve got to a meet in San Jose, and met some amazing people.

I met up a member here at Redondo Beach. We’re planning to meet up again next time I head to Disneyland in November. Might see if there is a club that meets in the area.

Max, step it up on the forums a bit! It will help a lot.


I live in west Ssan Fernando valley and would be down to bus out to the North Hollywood metro. Maybe since there is a bus and metro close by we can meet somewhere around there?


Here, I just made a group! Join it! Lets throw! WEEEEE!


I’m in LA and have been dying to start something near downtown LA.
Just sent a request to the group page, see you guys on facebucket


So…thinking of meetup next weekend the 15th or 16th, near the skatepark located at:
11455 Magnolia Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Suggested days and times are welcome!


i will probably be there!


So, thinking of a reschedule since not everyone can make it this weekend as Tour De Fat is going on as well as the BLC in Costa Mesa.
I’m planning on hitting the tour though and hanging out with one of the guys in the group, hopefully there will be some other throwers there since I guess a couple from Boston is there with a comedy/yoyo routine thing (never seen it, sounds fun though), and afterwards there is a bar called the Blue Star cafe a few miles away that’s having a post-BLC shindig I might check out

So I figure since it’s summer, sometime around or before noon on Sat/Sun is a good time to have this meet (earlier the better so the heat isn’t so brutal. Won’t have to worry about the time later in the year, natch). Lets try and pick a day sometime in the near future and commence the first NoHo meet!


Trying to set up the first meeting here. Decided to do it on Saturday the 10th at a yet undetermined time.
Here’s a link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SoCalYY

For those without FB the location will be here:
North Hollywood Skate Plaza
Chandler Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 91601.