Local Los Angeles facebook group/meetup!

Hey everyone!
So my name is Dan, I’ve been throwing for about 4 months now and I’m starting to see that one of the most important things about learning and growing creatively with this hobby is being around other throwers and picking up things they can teach. In the interest of expanding the community I’ve decided that we should start more meetups!

I know of the Redondo Beach Sunshine Kite company but unfortunately my only means of transport is bus and there really isn’t an easy way to get there without a car, so I thought I would start a group on Facebook to hopefully get together with some local SoCal players in a more centralized location like NoHo or something.  I have yet to see a gathering close to the heart of LA so this is why I’ve created this Facebook group.

I’ll be updating any official meeting times here for anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook
Here’s a link to the group and I hope to meet up with you guys soon and learn some stuff!

Come check it out!

Bump, planning on hitting Redondo Beach this Saturday the 25th

There’s DXL crew that meets up in Long beach.

We meet up on various Saturdays in the early afternoon until whenever you feel like leaving.

We’re at the long beach town center and we’ll be there this Saturday (the 25th)

Once the meetup gets confirmed I’ll get back to you.

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I’m still planning on hitting Redondo tomorrow at 3, I hope to see some of you there!