Yoyo Club in Souther California?


hey i live in the Orange County area and i was wondering if there are any clubs in so cal so people could get together. if there isnt one, i was wondering if you guys near the area are interested in making one?

thanks :]


DXL Yo-Yo Meets in Cerritos CA.


do you know when? like every “this day” at “this time”? more info would be awsome :smiley:


San Diego yoyo club on sept. 11 in balboa park pm me or jrodriguez for details. 8)

(LookAYoYo) #5

Redondo beach at the sunshine kite store. every sat at 3 i think. DXL is the closest though.


oh so theres a meeting at balboa park at the 11th.

and theres redondo beach at 3 every sat

also when and where does dxl have their meets?


There is a meetup this Saturday at Balboa Park from 3 to 6pm by the big fountain outside the Reuben Fleet Science Center. It’d be great to have you if you can make it.

DXL meetup dates can be found here: http://www.theglasslab.com/?page_id=1038. Glasseye will update it the next time a meet date is scheduled. It might be a while thought because the DXL Battle Champs just happened, and Nats is the first Saturday of October. Or, he might decide to have one this month. Just check that cite every once and a while.


I’m in Acton, CA (near Palmdale and Lancaster). If there’s anything within an hour, I should be able to make it (when I get a car again). I just moved here recently so I don’t know the area real well. I guess Los Angeles or something like that is kinda close. I’ve never been to a yoyo club, but have been yo-yoing for about 4 years now. Looking forward to meeting others. :slight_smile:

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I’m looking for a yoyo club or place for lessons too. I live in the Long Beach area. If anyone has any advice I’d appreciate it. Tks


Long beach!!! me too where in long beach?


We have the DXL meets in long beach.

We have one planned for Saturday starting at noon

Location is the long beach town center. We meet at the patio outside starbucks!


Hope to see some new faces!


I’m so going its so close that i could ride my bike there.

(major_seventh) #13

AWESOME! :smiley:
I live super close! Do u know what time it ends? I could only make it there around 1ish probably.