I need yoyoers in CA

(JustisEvans) #1

If you live anywhere from santa barbara to santa maria

i would love to talk to you about starting a club and to build off of it


Wish I could help…I live 2 hours away. :frowning:


(JustisEvans) #3

ohh where maybe i could make a drive even tho i could just go to redondo


i live in long beach

(JustisEvans) #5

isnt that far


from where?


2Yo yo-yo club meets in sf every month and is lead by josh yee/ jayyo, but its soo far. sorry.


That’s really close to me, maybe we should hang out…Just saying, maybe we can start something for Southern Ca. Or do you go to DXL Meetings? If so then I’ll just see you there lol, PM if you would like to hang out or something.


I live in La Habra, which is close to Brea and Fullerton. Does DXL still meet up? I haven’t seen any updates on their site.