Any Santa Clarita, California throwers around here?


Im thinking about maybe starting up a club or something


The Dxl yoyo club isn’t too far.

Sunshine kite company isn’t so far either. (Redondo BeacH)

If you want more info check the find a yoyo club.

Located here:


Yeah, i know about those. I wanted start to something a little bit closer


Oh, okay.

Hmm, That would be interesting.

Because it’s only an hour away from other clubs.

Could help some people though.

But, some people can just drive an hour.

Hope this turns out well!


that area is very close to me


I’ve recently attempted to start a meetup a little closer than long beach or redondo, I figure North Hollywood is a good location. Check it out, hope you can make it down sometime!


I am not a facebooker… so I can’t see anything :-
Any info on the times and location of the north Hollywood meet?

Anyone up towards Ventura / Oxnard area?!


I started the NoHo group but we are few at the moment. Not really enough for planned times but ill keep the thread on here updated for when it comes around. I wanna check out redondo though and I’m planning on doing so this Saturday the 25th so ill hopefully see some peeps there


YESSSSSSSSSSS. Probably just me tho. Where abouts do you live? I’m in Canyon Country.


I live in sun valley :slight_smile: California