Yo-yoers in Southern California


Riverside, corona, eastvale, and San Bernardino area mainly. Just looking for people who like yoyos and may want to start a club or meet every once in awhile.

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Already exists. It’s called DXL.


Yeppers. I really want to start going to the DXL meetings, but I don’t know when they are, or where.


I’ll be on vacation there soon. In Costa mesa. I might be in Riverside for a day.

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Here’s the FB group… you’ll get updated on all the info you need!


I live 5 minutes away from where it is held.


Ok, well is it in there areas I asked about? because I am not looking for a bunch of people and not looking to drive 50 miles to go to a meeting, just looking for some people who live in the same area I do and just want to meet up every once in awhile to hang out and throw. Not trying be rude or anything. I am in college and don’t have the money to be using my gas like that.


I live in Santa Ana and work in Costa Mesa. I must be out of the loop since I haven’t had a good throw session with anybody in many many years.


Thanks man!..But I am not allowed to get a facebook. My dad has absolutely no problem with it, but my mom freaks out saying NO YOU CANNOT GET ONE, EVEN FOR THE YOYO MEETS. Even though she has one. >_>


Do u wanna meet a throw


Hey maybe you wanna hang join are club and throw trade