Is there anyone in the Dallas area that would join a yoyo club?

I want to have a club to meet other throwers in the Dallas area. There aren’t any clubs or contests around here, so I was wondering if anyone would want to help me with one. I made a facebook group, but I need people to join it. Thanks!

DIY have to live in Dallas


To join the group, no. To meet up, yes. Also, I don’t just mean Dallas. I also mean the surrounding areas, like Garland, Arlington, Grapevine, and Irving.

check out this thread… im getting ready to set up a meet for april…

last meet we met at the park… cooked up some sausage links, had some chips and soda…

and of course threw our yo’s around.

Is your meeting place close to a DART station?

Yes… i guess the link to the thread would help … i’ll even give you a ride from the station to the park … i walk/bike to the station all the time it isn’t that far 1.5 mile from the park,71570.0.html

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