Anyone know any yoyo clubs or groups in Indiana? UPDATE! 1st meet Dec. 3 or 4

I live in northern indiana and I was wondering if there were any groups here in Indiana that you guys know of?

Yes there is, Takeshi Kamisato holds a yoyo club Meeting The second Saturday of every month. Even Noel Kunz of Team Hspin goes to it. It is at the Eiteljorg Museum. I hope to see you there.
You can contact Takeshi at
,Brayten, ;D

I was thinking of starting a club after winter is over maybe every satrday or something…I live in southbend…how close is that to you?

I’d be interested in a club in south bend. I live VERY close to there. Mere minutes away actually. Where would it be located?

O yeah billy awesome well good news for you i have been stalking you for months and
know your exact locatoin

I’m flattered really. :o
But let’s start this club. Where could we possibly have it?

I was thinking maybe central park…or leeper park, probably leeper…I need to invest in a ghetto blaster…what else would we even need?

I think if we did it at central park we could throw some hats down and make some cash to fund the yoyo club.
Leeper park on the other hand would be more peaceful with less people.
Jesse has a boombox btw. It would work perfectly.

back to the origanal question… i am in the carmel area if that helps you

Depending on where “northern Indiana” is, like say for instance South Bend or Elkhart, that could be on the order of 120 miles… :wink:

Wow my post was necroed lol. I live like 45 minutes from South Bend. A club would be sweet. Altough there has to be a library or something to save us from having to bring our brass knuckles along also :smiley:

I see you have been to south bend …Me and my to buddies are very interested in a yoyo club…no specifics yet but it is for sure going to happen…probably after winter

Yah that sounds awesome. Id for sure make the drive for one!

Hello. I live in West Lafayette and there are 3 people yoyoing here as far as I know.

Are you willing to make the drive?
that would mean we got7!!!

i live in goshen/elkhart and i go to south bend all the time i would love to have a club

that would be awesome!!!

So since there’s several people interested I think we need to have a pre-club meeting and discuss…club things I suppose.
I can look into having it at my apartment complex’s club house. And I suggest you do the same Zeke. Then we wouldn’t have to wait for weather to permit, and I’m sure the prices, if any, aren’t too bad.
On a side note, I look forward to meeting and learning from all of you :smiley:


Takeshi Kamisato hold a yoyo club every month in Indianapolis! Just to let you guys know, and I live about 2 hours awy from you guys :smiley: