NorthEastern Indiana Yo-Yo club

So I noticed a few of us live near here. I was wondering if anyone wanted to start a club, I had a bunch of people a while ago and we had the specific date planned then no one really got on Yoyoexpert. But we could meet at the University Park mall Maybe ask Barnes And Noble if we can go in there or yoyo outside of barnes and noble. Please reply if you could possibly meet somewhere near South Bend/Mishiwaka/Southern Michigan/Elkhart. I also know that Jansen lives in Granger, but does not get on here very often. My dad often works in Granger so we could go there.

People That may attend:

Dude im all for it, I have the yoyo expert app on my iPod so I’m on more now i have a few friends that might go we just need some dates and times!!! LET’S DO IT!!!

Everyone who can go post your possible times and days next week. Me and Jansen are on spring break all week also.

I don’t know any days that I can go but my birthday is Tuesday so not then maybe thursday or Friday?

Well I will be gone Thursday and friday so maybe like another day?

Me and my friend would be interested but i feel it would be a better idea to go to Indianapolis since it is the capital of Indiana.

I really don’t think I can drive to Indy where do you live?

Not to be mean but this is the NORTH EASTERN Indiana yoyo club but your welcome to drive up and see us :slight_smile:

Yes, we do not want to drive 4 hours. And there is already a club in Indianapolis if you live there. If not then where do you live?

where is the club in indianapolis and what is is called

I live close to Indy. Should we just start one in Indy?