Hello anyone around the fort wayne area that loves to throw?

well im about hour from fort wayne and i go there all the time and i looove to throw my boss and saquatch and 888 and speed freak and… o oh back to my point i live near there so theres ur answer

well this saturday there is yoyo club in indy from 2 to 5 or so. pm me for more info. and it is free

I’m in Indy but i have grandparents in Ft. Wayne so when i visit them maybe i can sneak out and meet you somewhere

I’m about 5 hours north of you… I’m usually in the area once a year

I own Alter Ego Comics in Muncie.

I work in Huntertown…which is pretty much connected to the fort to the north. I figured I was the only one around.

I live in Muncie. We are all pretty close. Do u guys want to start a club?

If any of you are still checking this, I would love to meet up in Fort Wayne.