Indianapolis club


Anyone want to start a club in the circle city, or know of one that already exists?


Not much interest in Indiana for yoyo or Kendama players. Lived in the state for 5 months and have thought about starting something up myself due to it not being very popular here. Would love to get more people involved. Wished Indianapolis was closer.


I’m in Indy and know that Takeshi ran monthly yo-yo club at the Native American museum, but idk if they still have those


I am definitely interested in setting up a meeting if we can get more people.


If you are in the area, email me! or text 7652287357


Lets get a club started!


I am interested in a club too!


Has anyone moved forward with a club or thrower’s group in Indy at all?


If you guys end up getting a club started, I’ll go. I live in Plainfield. It would be the first time I have ever seen another yoyoer in person.

Send e-mails please!