Wachusett Yoyo Club!

Hey everybody! If you’re in the Central Massachusetts area, then come check out the Wachusett Yoyo Club! We meet once or twice a week, on most Mondays from 2:30 to around 5:00 and sometimes we meet on Thursdays. If we are meeting on a Thursday, it will be announced on this thread and on the facebook page. We meet at Wachusett Regional High School in Holden MA.
If you are interested in coming, you MUST MUST MUST let either me or Tom(teekaycrunch) know.
Also, If you are under the age of 14, you need a note from your parents/guardians saying that they are aware you are coming, and that they are okay with it.
For more info and updates, check us out on:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WachusettYoYoClub?fref=ts

Our Website: http://wachusettyoyoclub.webs.com/

New Video by Tom(Teekaycrunch):



It will take me a few weeks to have a Tuesday or Thursday off, but when I do…I’m there!!  I like what you guys did with the site too.  I will definitely visit!  :wink:

At the moment we are looking for a local place to have twice-monthly meets, as I am sure most people cannot make it to a club right after school, especially if their school ends at a different time.

I see. If I have the day off, I can come any time of day really :). What time do you guys currently meet in the afternoon?

Another good YoYo club in the area I love it!!!

Hrm. I live in Fitchburg for school during the week. I might have to consider this.

Alright, so on Mondays we meet from around 2:30 to 5:00(When I say around, that means the end time can vary by half an hour or so). School gets out at 2:10, so if you’re driving in, I would get there at around 2:30 once all the buses leave. Thursdays are kinda iffy, sometimes there’s a meet and sometimes there’s not. If there is a meet on thursday, it’'l be announced on the Facebook page and hopefully on this thread. If not, then chances are Tom (The guy in charge) is busy and I’m not available either.

Oops, I thought it was Tuesday/Thursday. It’s Monday/Thursday. I will stop by sooner than I thought. So, you guys are definitely meeting tomorrow?

yes we are meeting tomorrow

By the way, This is Tom ^^^^^^^ He’s the president of the club. (He doesn’t use YYE much. Silly him. He thinks YYN is better)

I actually barely go on the forums, but i will be now, nice to meet you all

Likewise, nice job starting the club. I’m currently a member of NH yo-yo club, but will also join you guys when I can. I may be able to meet up tomorrow, we’ll see about that for sure. You should post on YYE with us, it’s the place to be for sure! :wink:

So if you’re going tomorrow, Please PM me. I don’t want to publicly post all the info on a public forum, so if you are interested, PM me and I’ll message you back with all the info as soon as I can.

actually before any other visitor can come, i should probably check with the main office to see if they will allow us to bring in outside members with us. So i will investigate this first, so for now we will have to put you on hold until i find out

Actually if you dont mind, would you like us to contact one another via text on phone? it will be much easier for me. you can PM me your number and ill get to you asap.

Sorry this seems so disorganized. Just need to work some kinks out. Need to figure out whether Wachusett Regional High School lets visitors come. We don’t want a legal case on our hands. So just to reconfirm:

According to school policy, you MUST notify us if you are coming. .

I will PM you guys. Not positive about meeting, but it is best to check with the school first cause they may not allow visitors on school grounds. Or, if they do allow it, there may be a place to check in first and so on. PM sent.

Nice meet today! Sara(Totalartist) came.
If you wish to come to the club meets, then you have to announce that you are coming. School policy says it’s fine for people to come, but only if we know you are coming. So, let us know.Thanks!

Sounds like it was fun!