Raleigh NC Throwers



At Science Safari in Cary, every third Saturday, from 4 to 6.
If you want to make sure, hit us up on the Facebooks

(Note: We are meeting every month,–usually the 3rd Saturday–so if you don’t see something that looks recent, then I probably just forgot to update this post.)

Original Post - I’ve gotten in contact with a couple of you guys, but we need to talk together to set up a time and place.

As for place I’m thinking either a park or a mall would be good.
The more public the more exposure we can get.

So what do you guys think?

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Weekends sound good.


I kinda feel like that would be better for me too.


okay, it’s decided then… weekends for sure… let’s do it.


Cool. Outside would be hot this summer, are there rules about meeting in a mall?


no drinking or spitting. count me out.

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I was thinking until we had an ideal location, we could do an initial meet in a park.


Sounds good to me.
Pullen is larger and centered in Raleigh, but wake County has a bunch of Parks.
Probably North Raleigh ish would be good for me but I’m flexible.


I’m going to check out some parks over the next couple days and see what looks good.


If you guys want to meet at the Science Safari for two hours on
Saturdays between 4:00 and 6:00, we can use their back room and
Sean will put out the word on their social media sites.
He is open to one Saturday a month, we can pick any one, but it would
probably be a good idea to avoid the 4th of July. If you guys are on go, we could start
this month, like the last Saturday.
PM me for my email if you want more details.
Science Safari is located in Cary at 1255 Kildaire Farm Rd.
If you have fear of iguanas or puppet allergies, there is also some room outside of the store.


Cool man.
I’m good with the weekend and the place.
The only thing that is a little awkward is the time.
If Saturday mornings are no good, what about Sunday afternoon.
Like 2-4 or something?


That would necessitate breaking into the store, as they don’t have Sunday hours until around Christmas.


Well, I’m not interested in catching any charges, so let’s not meet there on a Sunday.
If 4 on Saturday is when everyone wants to meet I can work that out.
It’s just not ideal.


They close at seven through the week, so working folks wouldn’t be able to do much M-F.
I work every Saturday, unless Christmas falls on a Saturday…
Science Safari is a cool little store and I have know the owners for many years, they have a bit of
a history supporting yoyo stuff, Dick Stohr held a little contest there years ago.
The way I look at it, it would be a fun way to get together and maybe get some folks started throwing yo-yos. It could just be a start to figuring out a better place/time or whatever, but it would be a start.


It’s cool. I’m down if people can meet then.

4-6 on the 27th- Who can make it?

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Imma be outta state…


so how do you feel about the idea in general? would another weekend be better, like the 20th?
the goal is to establish a weekend to let the shop set as a ‘learn to yoyo day’ or some such thing.
in charlotte at the learning express they had a table or chairs to put a yoyo case or two on and it was basically a hang out and chance to maybe show some yoyo stuff to foot traffic in the store, they also
advertised (i believe) but most of the folks that showed up had heard about it though the school grapevine.

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I like the idea in general. (we’re talking about the idea of having a club, right?)

I should be able to do the 20th. Time of day might play a factor…


I can do the 20th, but not that late in the day.
The next weekend I’m free after that is the weekend of the 18th.


You have my attention. I attended the club meeting in Mooresville a couple of times but I didn’t like the three hour drive each way. If you guys get something going it would be a lot more convienent for me.