Upstate South Carolina Throwers


Who else is in/near South Carolina?

I’m in Greenville myself. I don’t know anyone else who throws. Would love to meet someone who does. Share trick ideas and teach each other new stuff.

Yoyo contests near South Carolina
(Nathan) #2

I just moved to Gaffney SC & saw your post while wondering if there were any other yoyoers near me. This post is 1 & 1\2 years old, are you still yo-yoing, and if so how long have you been yo-yoing?


Hey, yes I still throw, so I’ve been at it for around 4 or 5 years now. Not professional or anything. Unfortunately I haven’t met anyone else that does too out here yet. Best I’ve seen is one or two people that knew how to bind and do a flip but that’s all

(Nathan) #4

I’ve yo-yoed for one and a half years and I am definitely past just binding: I can do most 1a tricks.


Right on, we should be similar skill. Come to Greenville sometime man, you can message me for my number

(Andrew) #6

Hey all! I’m in Boiling Springs and I know a guy in Campobello. Great to hear of other throwers in the Upstate!

I’m just getting back after a long hiatus and learning tricks as quick as I can. It would be great to start an Upstate club!

(Drake) #7

Hey guys! I just saw this post. I’ve been yo-yoing for a few years now. I’m the only thrower I know, so I’m completely self taught. I am from Campobello, S.C., and I’m looking to learn from someone else. If you guys are looking to start a club, then I would love to join!!

(Nathan) #8

If you don’t mind me asking, how old are all of you guys and how far into the hobby are you?

I’m only sixteen, I’ve been yoyoing for 2 years and I am fairly advanced Imo, but I haven’t ever entered a competition. I’m also into 5A, but I only started it recently, so the best I can do is a Reverse Bee Sting.

If we did start a club, then it would have to be centrally located, b/c we have someone in Gaffney, someone in Boiling springs, 2 guys in Campobello, and 2 guys in Greenville. Where would be a good place be?

(Drake) #9

I am 18. I am strictly 1A, But I really want to learn 4A. I will be attending Yale University next fall, which is really close to New York and New Jersey, so I will be competing in the contest there next year. I have a lot to learn in a year and I think that you guys can for sure help me. Perhaps Downtown Spartanburg is a good middle spot. Would you want to have the club indoors or outdoors?

(Andrew) #10

Downtown Spartanburg would be great! I’m not sure what setting would be good; right now inside would be preferred as it is definitely feeling more like winter around here.

I’m not too far into things; mostly working on 1A although I dabble in 4A and 5A sometimes.

(Bryan Fiege) #11

Hey guys and gals. My name is Bryan. I know Andrew through the community. I also live in Campobello. I would love to get together with local players and get some sort of club going. I think it worked be great if we could come up with a day of the week and a time we can get together. And maybe make it a weekly or bi weekly thing.
I’m on Instagram right now under Black Clover Yo-yo Group. And of course feel free to reach out to me on here as well.


I’m in Greenville, I’m glad to see there’s more people around here. Im very interested in a club or get together.


I am also in Greenville, I’ve been throwing for years, never met anyone at my level. Please message me, I drive for a living so I’m not too worried about how far out you are.

(Drake) #14

Do you guys know a space that we could use for the meetings?

(Nathan) #15

So, in order to meet up as a club, we still seem to need three things:

  1. A meeting location (Somewhere inside in Downtown Spartanburg has been suggested. Thanks to @deep-spaced and @Dpike222)
  2. A meeting time (bi-weekly sounds good (@BCYG) to me, but twice a month would work just as well :wink:)
  3. A name. (Either something cool or something like: Upstate SC Yoyo Club)

If anyone’s got any suggestions say them here and we can look into them. I can’t wait for this club to start up!

(Nathan) #16

I was just in Downtown Spartanburg and saw the “Spartanburg County Public Libraries Headquarters”
They have meeting rooms as linked to above, but they do have some fees for out of Spartanburg County library card holders for using a meeting room, but if we had someone in Spartanburg County who holds a library card it may be free…
They are open 9:00am-9:00pm Monday through Saturday, and open from 1:30pm-6:00pm on Sunday. That may affect the day of the week we meet on.

(Drake) #17

I looked and it’s like $50 for a room for an hour. That’s quite expensive (that’s a budget metal yoyo :grin:). Can we find a space that is free? It doesn’t have to be downtown Spartanburg. I just thought that was a good middle place.

(Andrew) #18

Haven’t found anything yet but I’ve reached out to the local toy stores.

I’m a Spartanburg County library card holder so the fees would be $25/hour. Once the weather warms up, though, we can definitely meet in a park.

(Andrew) #19

Playthings Aplenty is making some space for in-store activities. Should be ready in a few weeks. Their hours:

Day: Times
Mon: Closed
Tue-Wed: 10AM-5:30PM
Thu: 10AM-6PM
Fri: 10AM-5:30PM
Sat: 10AM-4PM
Sun: Closed

(Nathan) #20

Sounds good to me!