Upstate South Carolina Throwers

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #21

I would recommend going to a mall, or something in the winter-ish time. (I am far away btw, just wanted to give a suggestion)

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(Selenica ) #22

Hey guys! I’m in the Greenville area as well! Have you settled on a time and place or already started meeting?

Insta: @selenicabruce



(Nathan) #23

Hey @Selenica!
We haven’t started meeting yet… I think we were waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer (Oh wait, I think it is warm!) so we can meet in a park.
If you have any ideas of places that are either inside or outside, (but free to use) feel free to suggest them!


(Drake) #24

So what’s the move guys?

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(Nathan) #25

My dad is the pastor of Overbrook Presbyterian Church in Gaffney. It’s got a good bit of space and it’s free. Since no-one’s suggesting anything I’ll suggest that.
Which would work better for y’all, the 9th or the 16th of March? Maybe if we could get together we could come up with a better place for a long-term solution, but that’s all I got.


(Drake) #26

How many people are looking to come?

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(Nathan) #27

I’m willing to go wherever we decide to meet.



Someone please message me if something actually happens, I rarely check this site

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