I wanna make a club in South Carolina.

We’ll be low country throwers, if be willing to meet up near Columbia, kingstree ,Georgetown , or in Florence. Let me know and we’ll all meet if you’re up for it! :slight_smile:

I would join, i started a club at Wando high school, but it stopped halfway through the year. If the club is in Charleston, ill go.

I didn’t know there were any other yoyoers in charleston area

I’m in Goose Creek!

I have a small group, (about 6) in the Charleston area. 20-28 year olds. Mostly newbies.

I have been here for 10 years and do not really know anyone into yoyos, to hear there is six others that are adults is pretty cool to know. sometimes I meet people that are from other places on vacation, or military people that got transferred here that are into yoyos, but most people here do not have much interest, or are just too afraid to approach someone they do not know. But I often yoyo in marion square, Its not the safest place in town, that might have something to do with it.

if the club is in charleston, where is a good place to meet, preferably without ceiling fans and breakable items that wont kick us out :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say Marion Square is also pretty far from one of the most dangerous places in town! If you were trying to get people to see you, it would seem to be the spot. I’ve always wanted to go throw down around the market. Not doing too many public performances yet. We usually just get up at one of our houses. Ceilings vary. Most of the people weren’t really interested in yoyo, I kinda forced a few to start and then a few more followed. We were all friends before.

I know some good spots near the aquarium, but any place with a park or a overhang is good, the only hard part would be finding a indoor place, since temps here seem to be steadily in the upper 80s and above air conditioning would be nice untill winter hits. there r also many places in west ashley that would be good for outdoor meetups. Im sure anyone familiar with mt pleasant would probly know a good place near a minimall too.

i’m near sandhills mall and i have already gotten a good reception there. the owner is looking for things like a yoyo club and i was told i maybe be able to use an empty store if i ever wanted to start a club.

Hey guys, I live in Columbia and would definitely be willing to meet up!

We have one going in Charleston now. Made a club video the other day. http://vimeo.com/poonandfriends/videos

I live in Downtown Charleston, and I’d love to come throw with you guys if you were hanging out a marion square or something.

Meeting tomorrow. Sunday November 23rd. 12-2 @ Marion Square.

new facebook page if u r in charleston, sc on a sunday