Attn: Southeastern NC yoyoers

So, I’ve decided to try and start up a yoyo club in Wilmington, NC. Just wondering if anyone on here lived close enough to want to join up, or knew anyone that was. If so, I direct you to

Also, any advice on starting a club would be appreciated.

Bump this page on occasion, yoyo in public and try to reach out as much as possible. It’s taken me a while and I’ve finally met someone in Asheville. He has another buddy who wants to get into so ours might be able to take off soon. Stick with it man, it’s so rewarding to throw with other people and I’m so happy I’ve found a fellow thrower to hang out with!

Heck i am in between BOTH of you in Greensboro lol … Maybe we should all start one based on our distances from each other :wink: we could be the “3 Traveling YOmigos” hahahah :smirk:

Thanks for the support, I’m definitely going to try and get the word out around town and the yoyo community as much as I can.

Same here… I get a lot of interest from people but never any follow through… I keep trying :smirk:

I usually make it down to Wilmington a few times a year, maybe I can attend if you get a club going :+1:

Sweet, I’ll e sure to post our regular times and place of meeting up, if I can get that far. Onwards, to flyers!

So it looks like our regular meeting times for the club will be Saturdays from 1-3, for those who are interested. And with that decided, put up my first flyer today! Now to print off a crapload more and plaster them all over town.

EDIT: Which reminds me, anyone have any good ideas about where to hang said flyers? I’m new to this, and I’m a bit short on ideas.

I’d say downtown… Maybe community centers… Arts district, then fan out and hit some surf/skate shops. Music stores too if those still exist down there lol

Thanks for the ideas, I’ve got fliers everywhere now! First meetup was today, not such a great turnout (just me) but it’s still early days. Just gotta keep working at it, and eventually there will be more!

Funny thing… Me & a buddy were gonna make the trip for the day to eat at one of our favorite restaurants in Wrightsville lol sooooo should’ve gone anyway . Hate we decided not to make it. Would’ve been great to have been the " other " thrower that showed up lol :wink: keep it going man.

Im in raleigh

Yogi: Well crap, that would have been awesome! If you’re down here on a Saturday again, please do stop by!

Apollo: Cool, if you’re ever in the Wilmington area, come check us out!

Or heck, if either of you are ever down here some other time than club time and just want to hang out and shoot the breeze about some yo, message me.

Will do man;) I look forward to it… Just kinda fell through this weekend. Keep us updated also.

Will do. I’ve had a lot of support from my local Learning Express franchise, and I’m actually going to be doing a demo there this Friday, so hopefully that will get more people to come out than just flyers.

Sweet ! I was gonna suggest that also :wink:

Still not having much luck, but the quest for yoyoers continues! Got another demo today, and I’ve put up more flyers.

I know how u must feel bro… Keep it up tho, I look forward to making it down there eventually

We’ll be here, if you do. I’m not giving up on this thing until I’ve personally invited everyone in the city, if that’s what it takes. So tomorrow I’ll be out there again, giving a third shot at a first meetup.

Dang … My buddy flaked on me again, going to start planning on making the trip myself and just use it as an excuse to see my fam about an hour from you…

Sweet, looking forward to it, man. Had a pretty good meetup this week, think I’ve got some strong prospects for returning members, gave away 9 beginner yoyos. Here’s hoping!