making a SC yo-yo club

hello my name is Mason McNeill i live in Greer sc near riverside high school. my first goal was to make a club at school but knowing the fact not many people there are nice and not many people there yo yo if any i figured it would be to hard. so i decided to see if i could make some sort of club using this forum and what do you know i can. so basically for this club im looking for local yo-yo’rs local being they live in sc and near Greer or close enough to be willing to go to Greer. im not sure about when meets will be or what time ill figure it out when some people deiced to join. more about me: im 16 i go to rhs and im a brony a have a wonderful gf and my play style is 1a unresponsive. now what i need from you if you would like to join is you name age occupation(school) your play style and the city you live in. you can either post that information or email it to me at

thank you for your time and my the yo alwasly be with yo

Dang, I live in apple valley like an hour or two away!

wow so far no one has signd up am i the only thower here?

yeah, yoyoers are scarce nowadays. In my whole life iv’e only met 2 yoyoers here in apple valley and they didn’t stick with it which is sad to see.

No, yoyoers are not scarce nowadays. You should see the NC scene. We’ve got two clubs running, both have quite a few members.

well this is sad i still have yet to find any one the only yoyoer ik in rl is my gf ( lol 6 2 letter words in a row) i mean there are ppl at my school amazed with what i can do (witch rly isnt much) yet still none want to be part of a club

A bit late but I am Greenville/Spartanburg, so like 15-30 minute drive out to Greer. So if something gets set up, I would totally do that.

well if u wanna met this wensday ill bein muladin for chruch so if u can meet ths wensday pm me or post and ill tell u when and where

ok so i meet somone at school that throws and i meet this online dude plus there is me my gf and maybe my firend so seems like we getting a clun goning :slight_smile: so the first meet will be sunday at 2pm at big robot games if you dont know where that is pm me if that time doesnt work pm me

ok so no one showed up :frowning: so lets try this again our next meet will be big robot games sunday at 2pm if you want to go but the time doesnt work let me know

ok change of plans it is going to be at boardwalk this saturday at 2 pm

one last change its at 4

you’re always welcome at the nc yo-yo club if you can make it out. we’re in charlotte, about 1.5 hours away.
meeting at toys and company on the first sunday of each month (today) from 1-3p.

i may come next week

Apple Valley,Where is that.

Dang, I live in apple valley like an hour or two away!

I live in Columbia, I didn’t know there was anyone else in SC ;D

I would love to come to this club. I’m 15 but before I can commit I would like to know exactly where it’s located, how many people plan to be there, how long it will last, and if all the guys are about your age (which I believe you said was 16). :slight_smile:

listen up so we may have some ppl so im goonna go to board walk this saturday at 2pm come join me aslo if u play mtg or pokemon tcg bring ur cards if u wanna Come text me at 8645530929 ill tell u the location after i get ur text

today is the day sc club meets at board walk at 2pm text 8645530929 for more

ok so were metting again same day time and place so 2pm at boardwalk on saturday lets hope someone shows this time :stuck_out_tongue: