any yoyoers in north carolina?

are there any yoyoers in nc

[move][move]yoyoandrew i know u do[/move][/move]

yep. charlotte area here.
nc states will be in june.

i live right out of the city limits in mt.holly

Im in Durham, just north of Raleigh. Anyone near by? I just got back into yo-yos after a 10 year hiatus and my only yo-yo friend is moving away! If you live around Durham and you are old enough to drink send me a message!

im near you bro im right in the area im about ten minutes out of gastonia i live in kings mountain pm me we can chill and throw a bit somtimes

There must be more than this!

there are two throwers at college in raliegh ones name is ryan hes a friend of mine ad idk the other guy yan met him when he started collage

I dont live there, but i was born there if that counts

Prochris, please give your friend in Raleigh my email. Its Im trying to find some peeps my age who throw and it sounds like your friend is just what Im looking for!


Just outside of hickory myself.

Just gettin back into throwing living in Raleigh on lake johnson. Feel like I heard something about meets there anyone know about this?

Asheville. Anyone else, let me know!

Andrew! Nice to hear you’re still kicking (and apparently throwing).

I’m out of the Raleigh scene, but we have a club on Sundays in Charlotte if you’re ever around.
Two Raleigh guys, Bart Cusick and Kevin McLusky organize meets in lake Johnson I think. Bart is def on Facebook.

Hope to catch up sometime!


I’m pretty close to the Raleigh - Wake Forest border.

You already know I’m here… Not 21 though.

Thanks Ed I actually visit Charlotte alot be there on the 19th and 20th of this month actually. The grandparents still live there and I’m there alot On business.

Crammitfrog- how old are you. I’m 14 and I live right outside of Asheville (fairview)

i’m here in apex/cary

I am in New Bern. Close to someone maby?

I live in North Carolina, too. I’m in the triad area. Would anybody be interested in starting a club around the greensborro area? Absolutely can’t do sundays.