NJ State YoYo Contest!

On July 18 (2015), Air Circus Kite Shop will be hosting the first ever New Jersey State YoYo Contest. The contest will be held at the Ocean City Music pier, and is officially sanctioned by the National YoYo League.

Competition will consist of the following:
-YoYo Sport Ladders
-YoYo Freestyles (1A -5A Divisions)
Winners will be awarded for first through third places in Sport Ladders and Freestyle Divisions (1A-5A).
Separate scoring will award State champions in each freestyle division, as well as determine the dominant region (North vs. South) for yo-yoing in New Jersey.

Information on how to register for competitions can be found on http://www.yoyoleague.com/e/2015-new-jersey-state-yoyo-contest

We hope to see you there! 8)

What about sponsors?

The official list of sponsors will be released at the end of registration.



There’s one week left to register for freestyles!
Sport ladder registrations can be made at the event.

Do you have a list of vendors that will be there?


Anyone know if there will be any “booths” at NJYYC?

Unfortunately, Andre cannot attend, meaning no YYE booth. :-\


Air Circus will be setting up to vendor the contest, stocking the best from YoYoJam, Yomega, Duncan and YoYoFactory! :wink:

YASSSSSS!!! I’m bringing spending money!

Hey, anybody who is going: Post on this thread when you are at ocean city. I’ll be at a hotel there in the afternoon today(thursday). If anyone wants to hang out at near the venue on friday(tomorrow), we could work something out.

Come by Air Circus tonight, every thursday night is family night! You can practice your freestyle!

Didn’t know you were coming Philip! How about Gordon and stuart?

man i really want to go but unless someone else from new York is going down i and will let me hitch a ride i dont think ill be able too.

If you mean NYC then I know Brian Melford and some people from that club are going. Maybe contact him?

pm me information… thought i dont know if they can help… im way up in watertown.

ill be at ocean city tomorrow phillup! And to anyone else: will there be someone at OC that can fix striped threads?

Yeah, they will be there.

Did I just meet you? Probly not.

Anyone else notice that Zach Gormely - Eric koloski and gentry stein are Going to be there?!

Whoops never mind I made a mistake