help help!!!

is there any yoyo contets this year going on in Texas!!!

Oh no it’s the end of the world!

reads question

Oh. Nevermind. There are a few: Texas States, SCR I think is there, and maybe others. They won’t be this year though. But there are still get togethers.

First of all where are you in Texas?

Second SCR will only be in Texas if I can get the same venue as 2008. I REALLY hope its not the same weekend as worlds again! I really want to have it there.
That venue was awesome!

im in lubbock. i have been searching for a contest and i feel icolated caue i dont know anybody who yoyos so i want to compete a well as meet people

Isolated? Come to Kansas and find out what that word really means. JonasK chimes in Or go where he lives. (Norway) But yes, I know what you mean when you feel alone.