Texas State Yoyo Contest

??Yo guys! I was wondering when and where Texas States are going to be. I know It’s likely in Austin, btu specifics. Especially when is it. I REALLY want to go. Oh yeah, If you got any sponsor info or any company selling yoyos there please comment. Who’s running it this year? Travis moved so…

I dunno, but if you find anything, please PM me.PLEASE!!!
I really wanna go!!!

Nobody? Please help… ???


I guess this is necroing so… S-S-S SEMI NECRO! But seriously, I need info.

Travis Owen was the guy that ran it in years past. Not sure who’s running it now. someone might need to step up and take charge if no one else has.

Yeah, I heard Travis moved to NY… Thanks for the response Icthus! :slight_smile: