Im going to Texas State!!!

I’ve finally convinced my parents to take me to the Texas state yoyo contest!! I have both my performances done already! This will be my first contest! I have been yoyoing for 8 months now and feel very confident about this! :stuck_out_tongue: I Can’t wait! its going to be so much fun!!

Good luck!

Good luck!

Thanks Guys :stuck_out_tongue:

from what i have seen, i would say that you have a good chance of placing at least 5th, if not better.

but good luck man! you will do great! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! That would be soooo awesome! But honestly, I would be super happy just to get past prelims :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for all the encouragement.

p.s. Does anyone have anything that can help with nervousness? Thanks again :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if it’s worth going to the texas state contest as a spectator? Will there be vendors or anything? I live in Houston so it would be a bit of a drive.

i dont know if there will be vendors or not.

Good luck just practice and have fun man

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome! I am going too! See you there!

Awesome!! I really cant wait! im already counting down the days :stuck_out_tongue:

Always worth going to an awesome competition in your home state!


for real. i wish there was a arkansas state contest…

btw. what are some things you can do to make yourself seem more pro/confident? thx guys :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d personally say it’s important that you enjoy yourself. Enthusiasm is contagious and it’ll help get the crowd going. Even if you mess up, even if you aren’t all that good, if you’re having a good time people will enjoy your performance. :slight_smile:

That’s my opinion of it anyway. Look at Robert Kucera’s recent EYYC performance:

Even though he came 5th, I found it the most enjoyable freestyle of the entire day. I’m sure he enjoyed himself a lot more than many of the other competitors as well, plus the crowd loved it. :slight_smile:

wow! thanks. I will keep all that in mind.

what do You do right before You are about to get on stage?


I plan to compete in Texas States, too! Some tips for making yourself less nervous is to know that I’ll be the most nervous person there XD