Competition Nervousness

Hey guys, I’ll be competing in the Ohio state yoyo contest on the 25th. I’m worried because the previous times that I’ve performed I’ve either bearing wrapped like all of my yoyos, missed all of my strings, or something like that. It’s all due to being nervous. I’m extremely worried that I’m going to screw my performance up. I get that everyone there is nervous too, but they still manage to hit strings, carry slacks, and catch suicides. The other day my Yoyoing friend told me that someone (I’m leaving out names) who has seen me perform before said “When is he going to start learning tricks, and not just buying yoyos?” Obviously this agitated me for the very obvious reasons, (Because I do learn tricks and work hard at it.) but now I’m under even more pressure to do good.

Seriously, this sucks. I don’t really know how I can fix this issue. Any advice?

I don’t compete but every time I go to show someone a trick I can do a million times by myself I mess it up. So i know your pain hah.

relax and if you screw up act like it doesn’t matter. also who are you trying to be good for yourself or the person who says you should start learning tricks and not just buy yoyos?

Hey where do you live?! I’m in ohio as well and am going to Olmsted for the Ohio yoyo competition. I Live in Newvienna, right beside Wilmington and Hilsboro.

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Well that sucks just dont listen to peope and do yor best

Practice, practice, practice. When you get on stage, practice some more (baisically perform your freestyle like you always would).

just go up there to have fun. Don’t think of it as a contest only a place to show tricks

that person is obviously rude… he doesnt truly understand what this community is all about… its not about competing though its fun its about the people and the yoyos. if it was just about competing then we would all be first class jerks like that guy.

that aside lets talk about being nervous on stage.

remember the only person you have to fear is yourself, the root of fear. if you just focus on having fun and performing to the best of your ability your a winner in my book and i feel you will also be that in many others too. i perform quite bit in a orchestra and it use to make me feel uncomfortable until i realized its not about me. its about being apart of the harmony and adding to not being the song.

remember even thought you may not win you are still a valuable part of the community song.

good ways to get past the jitters are to perform in front the people who are probably the hardest to perform in front of… your family they know when you mess up and they let you know.
do your routine in front of them everyday until the day before the contest… the day before think about the routine but don’t do it… i do the same when i play a solo i dont practice the the song the day before… if you dwell on it then you will get more scared by just thinking on it.

In the words of Nike just do it!

it also helps if your having fun.

When it comes to being nervous, I actually just started losing being nervous after 15ish contests. It’s really common. One of my first contests i knotted all my yoyos and spent a minute untying them on stage. And another thing. If you do really really really badly, the crowd is so much more embarrassed than you. Another thing, if you start messing up tricks, take a few seconds to just calm down… take a breath, look up at the audience, smile (especially if you managed to pull off a good trick) (this often produces a few claps or cheers, it’s kind of encouraging to you), move your arms around a bit. Hope this helps.

Especially for your first contest, you probably won’t be able to get over all the nervousness, but one thing that I always read online is that if you perceive that nervousness as excitement that does seem to help more than harm. Also, if its your first time at a contest, I would focus more on getting comfortable with the people you’ll be performing in front of: go and talk to the other yoyoers and share some tricks, it’ll help keep you calm because then you’ll be competing in front of friends rather than complete strangers. Also, not to sound like a Debbie Downer but rarely do people do well in their first contest, but its ok. It gives you a starting point to improve and up your game for the next contest :slight_smile:

I’ve never competed, but I’ve performed in front of live audiences of 2500 and been on TV a few times.

My advice? Practice in positions and places where you feel uncomfortable. Seriously. Grab a chair or a table and take it outside, try doing a routine while standing on a chair outside. Then move your chair or table onto a slope so that you have to lean to keep your balance. Try your routine again. Try playing on a staircase, and take a step up or down every once in a while. Try throwing in a very confined space. Try throwing in a wide open space.

It might sound crazy, but it really does seem to work. If you can play in various awkward positions, chances are you’ll be just fine when on stage.