Holiday contest at NH yoyo club!

Saturday December 28th from 1pm -3pm
286 Cartier st
Manchester NH 03102

1 minute freestyle set to Holiday music. Bring it on an mp3
Player or pick from the songs we have available.
No cost to enter. Hope to see you there.

cant wait for this!!!

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Going to be a great time with some little twists on the prizes for the winners!

will be there!

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Yoyoexpert had these sweet trophies made for the contest!

that’s awesome! will there be a yye booth there?

No there will not be a yye booth, but we do have yye gift certificates for first, second, and third place for both divisions.


I will be there! ;D

Looks like we will have a local vendor selling yoyos at the contest!

woo hoo!

Really hope I can make it!

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What yoyos will the local vender be selling? Any clyw’s? OD?

No clyw but believe they have onedrops

What other companies?

Excited for today!

Has so much fun! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: