Redondo Beach yoyo contest 2013

Hello everyone. This is the official thread for the 2013 Redondo Beach yoyo contest.

Rules: Divisions are going to be 1a and x division , Ladder, and rookie devision. There is going to be prelims for 1a. 1min prelim (for 1a) and 2 min for finals. We’re going to do rookie freestyle also (1min).

Location: Redondo Beach Pier

Date and Time: Contest will be on March 10 from 12-5ish

Music: Bring ipod/iphone or any sort of music device that has earphone jack

Registration: Starts at 11 and goes till 12. We want to start right away so don’t be late! No preregistration.

If you have any questions please contact me and I will ask the contest organizer (Yoshi Mikamoto) about it. Thanks!

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I might do rookie. I’m too good for rookie and not good enough for normal.

It’s coming up fast. Is there pre-registration? What about music?

Thanks for posting this!

No pre-registration and music would be bring ipod/iphone or any sort of music device that has earphone jack.

Thanks for the info. We have a few folks coming up from San Diego, and they had these questions. I shared it with them on the San Diego Yoyo Club FB page.

Awesome. Thanks for spreading the news.

I think I will be there! not to compete (I stink) but to watch.

I’ll be there.

ill be there im the one with the realy long hair.

Does anybody know what companies will have vendors/tables?

As far as we know, no companies are going to be vending. Crucial and general yo usually come to contests in this area so you never know.

So, no other categories, other than 1a and X (I’m assuming that’s Open)?

Also, registration fees? Prizes? Trick ladder? Celebrity appearances? :wink:

No registration fee, we are working on the prizes.The divisions are gonna be 1a, open, rookie and ladder.

Perfect. Thanks for the clarification!

Hopefully I will be able to attend this as it’d be my first yoyo contest! I live about 50 minutes away and have yet to be trusted to drive on the freeway…
Anyways, is there going to be any type of vendors or celebrities as ebilfindas said.

Gosh, I’m hyped.

which means, if they come, we’ll have Ernie and Paul Yath! As far as others, I imagine a lot of players are pooped, returning from PNWR or EYYC, and with CalStates this weekend.

Lot of great yoyoers always come. I forgot to mention the judges are Yoshi Mikamoto, Grant Johnson, and most likely Anthony Rojas

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A couple friends and I might go :). I’m new to yoyo’ing, and I’m not sure exactly what the terms open, rookie, and ladder mean.

Open = contestant can perform freestyle of any style of yoyoing
Rookie = contestant has only been yoyoing for a certain amount of time
Ladder = Trick Ladder, usually a standard set of 25 tricks. Contestant performs them one at a time, and is allowed one miss.

From YoyoWiki:

  • Sleeper (5 seconds)
  • Sideways World Tour (Sideways around the world)
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Rock the Baby (5 full rocks)
  • Elevator (Up and down the string)
  • Brain Twister (1 Somersault)
  • Trapeze
  • Split the Atom(3 somersaults)
  • Double or Nothing
  • Mach 5 (5 full rotations)
  • Cold Fusion
  • Pop ‘n’ Fresh (2 reps)
  • Gerbil
  • Plastic Whip
  • Eli Hop (3 rep)
  • Boingy Boing (5 rep)
  • Gyroscopic Flop (Half flop)
  • Kwijibo
  • Hidemasa Hook
  • Suicide Catch (2 reps)
  • Iron Whip (2 reps)
  • Kamikaze
  • Spirit Bomb
  • Throwhand Grind
  • Black Hop

I’ve never actually participated in a contest, so please correct if I’m wrong! :slight_smile: