Anyone going to the sunshine kite company contest?

As the title says, is anyone going? The contest is being held on the Redondo beach pear.

More info here:

This will be held this weekend on 8th of march, this Sunday. I will be there, and this will be my first yoyo contest that I will compete in ;D :wink: Also don’t mind the date, it is an old flier :slight_smile:

Also, Yoshi Mikamoto will be there too :slight_smile:

um the flyer says 2009 on it you sure this is still around?

I’m pretty sure it is still around… Btw I’m going too! See you there!

Yeah! I've been to the place just this past weekend. They hold a yoyo club every Saturday there, with Yoshi Mikamoto. He told me about it, and they hold this on the first Sunday of March; every year. The time of the event will be around 11am,so you should get there early, because the parking can be tedious ;) The format is a little different from other contests, but the judging will be the same. It is categorized in beginner, intermediate, and advanced. I will be competing in the advanced division. 

Any style, age and gender are permitted. The contest is free to get into, but be sure to have a song for your freestyle ready. The prizes are subjective to the event. Try not to take my word for it, I got all of this info from Yoshi himself; call them if you may. I also heard from Yoshi that even pros like Grant Johnson, Anthony Rojas, Tessa Picillo, and Paolo Bueno; have all competed at this event before. As a result I hope that you can make it, and have fun while being there. ;D 8)

I’m going, but I’m not so sure when you need to get there to compete.

I competed last year; can’t make it this year. ):

Just bring an iPod with your freestyle song and you can sign up there.

At least that’s how it was last year; very simple.

The 12th Annual Redondo Throw Down Yo-Yo competition will kick-off the festival on the pier and the winner of the 9th Annual Hot Dog on a Stick Eating Contest takes home a cash prize. Other highlights include a martial arts demonstration and live music throughout the day. The festival will culminate with a mass group kite ascension flight on the beach immediately South of the pier. Sunday, March 8, 2015

12:00 – 5:00 pm
Redondo Beach Pier
100 Fisherman’s Wharf, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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Most people just use phones now and they auto update but don’t forget daylight savings! One hour forward!