NewHampshire Yoyo Meet-Up! September 12th!


Hey guys,

We are going to have another meet up September 12th. It will be 1-5(pm) @ 105 Concord St, Nashua, NH 03064.

We usually meet in the stone house. It is basically in the middle of the park. If you have a hard time finding it, its behind the fountain which is in plain sight when driving by.

Make sure to bring some yoyos, CWs, string and what not. Just be ready to chill.

Where: 105 Concord St, Nashua, NH 03064.
When: September 12th, Sunday, 1-5 P.M.
Why: To chill and have fun.
Who: This meet is open to anyone. From beginner to master we don’t care. Just show up and say hi.

See you all there,

Expected Appearences:
Jtman562 & Friend

Names marked with a (?) are people who go to the meets but have not confirmed their appearence.



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y’know, I was just thinking “I hope Jim posted that thread before it’s too late…”. Whaddaya know.

I’ll try to make it, and I’ll drag Andrew along too.


Lol, see you there.


Wow I don’t come here often. You guys need to post info more often at YYN, that’s why I missed the last one.


Im on the master side lol…not really :’(

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Bring noms plez


I think I might bring some soda. But guys, be sure you have something to eat!


Ill bring the chips i still have left over from last time yum stale


Stale is my favorite.

I will have some PAC for you guys to try. Its utterly delicious.


roar rawr rarrrr I tink I can come

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Apparently mista8eight8 is coming? Though he hasn’t posted in this thread yet.


Superstar615 or whatever said he MIGHT come. Not sure though.

Any ways I am wondering if Joey will make it.


are you guys making a video again?


If you guys are shooting a video, I’d be happy to shoot/edit,

Anyone want a carpool?

(EDIT: If anyone has any Yoyos they want to sell, I’d be happy to buy some, I’m looking for yyf, ondrop and general yo, but, I’ll buy anything!)

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Don’t expect another video out of me, school and drivers ed are going to suck up all my free time.


You got my name wrong! BTW I may be bringing a friend.


i only have a digital camera lol


What about Dana? I want like half of his collection.


show this without a tripod…Just need someone to bring a tripod…