NewHampshire Yoyo Meet-Up! September 12th!


im really on the lookout for superstars!

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Horray I have access to a HD camera! Converting and editing it will be a B-word but i’ll see what I can do.


I can do some kewl things with WMM


Not sure if I’ll make it yet. The club championship (golf) is both days this weekend. I am going out early on saturday, but saturdays results will line up the tee times for sunday. So I literally won’t know if I can make it until sat night. There is some tough competition so wish me luck!!

If there is anyway I can do both on sunday I’ll be there.

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I’ll take care of it :stuck_out_tongue:


Cant wait tons of new tricks but usually i forget my tricks when i get there and end up doing the same combo all day lol

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Yeah I found myself doing some funky repeater all day. Just yell at me every couple of minutes so I get my act straight :wink:


noted… :smiley:

WT: try/buy yyf, particularly an 888 or h shaped metal

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And every time you snap me out of my repeater trance, you’ll be rewarded with a new trick to learn (since you’ve been showing interest. Theres one requirement though: you’re required to memorize the names :wink: )


I’ll probably have a friend coming BTW.

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Can’t bring noms :frowning: . My mom went to the store before I could get to tell her what I need. I may have soda. Oh, and I’ll be showing everyone my totally yoyo related stitches!


i have to bring my non-yoyoing sister, so bring a velocity or something for her and I’ll bring some swedish fish :smiley:

I want YYJ metals, YYF, CLYW, Werrd and any other awesome companys, so bring those, really want to try any YYF Eneme or meteor.


I have a 4XL I might be willing to part with and Pat has an Eneme.

Oh and pat, stiches?


pat traded the eneme for 2 ipod nano’s




bringing noms. chips, sprite, and sunkist. anybody got cups?


Sorry guys, I’m not going to make it. I played well today and am in the last group going out tomorrow. Hopefully I can put another good round together though…

Have fun at the meet though. I really wish I could do both.


special treat for ben natikas:
I ran out of swedish fish, so i got a big bag of MUNCHIES!!!



No now im the oldest one there :’(
you will be missed good luck :slight_smile:


Wait. How the… when did you figure out that I… what? How do you know I love swedish fish and munchies?