NewHampshire Meet-Up ANYONE WELCOME

Hey Throwers!

I am setting up and meet up in Nashua, NH. This event will take place at the Nashua public library; not inside. We will be meeting up on the court yard just right in-front of the library. I f you park down below, you will see a path leading up to the library. Just follow that and you will see a set of stairs leading to the courtyard.There will be benchs and plenty of room to yoyo.

The event will start at 11:30-1:00(ish) on May,16 2010


2 Court Street
Nashua, NH 03060-3475

See you there!
Jin Kazuaki (G-Yo)


I should be there, I’m only ten minutes away!


I will be attending this too!

Ok, we have 6 attending now.

yeah boyyye!

Whoever is attending, bring all your yoyos!

Born2yoyo and I will have samples of our string (AirGlow, mine, snakeskin, b2yy).

Half my yoyos suck but I’ll bring em :stuck_out_tongue:

We could have people interested to learn so maybe they could use those.

I am actually in desperate need of string so if there is anything someone wants to trade for some or if someone wants to donate hahaha. I’m also looking looking forward to getting some feedback on my new trick The Grand Panjandrum!

ill be there ;D

1 Day left guys, I prefer people to RSVP.

its gonna take me a bit longer to get there so I’m leaving right…now. see you guys there

Okay, see you at 11:30.

So much fun guys, expect another one in june, I loved that P2, Marmot and skyline.

Had lots of fun guys! Looking foward to one in the future. speaking of which… the condo my dad lives at has a pool/courtyard area with grills and stuff. yoyo barbeque anyone???

Maybe in July.