NewHampshire Meet-Up June 13th Anyone is Welcome, TIME CHANGE PLZ LOOK!

Hey NH, MA or others.

We will be having another meet-up on June 13th! It will be the same place for those who know. But if you are a new comer look below.

We will be meeting up on the court yard just right in-front of the library. If you park down below, you will see a path leading up to the library. Just follow that and you will see a set of stairs leading to the courtyard. There will be benchs and plenty of room to yoyo.


2 Court Street
Nashua, NH

PLEASE RSVP me through PM if you know for sure you are coming.


Note: WE will not be inside the library.

Looking foward to it! I’ll give Ben’s Energy another polish before I go, too. I’m also eager to snag Max’s chaotic so I can make that pretty too!

Also see some orders for AirGlow String. I will take orders for the first three people to ask for them.

^___^ Im pretty excited!

I’ll be there!


what time?

Sorry, 11:30-1:00, can go later.

yes please go later ;D

edit: ben’s energy looks b-e-a-utiful! Can’t wait to see what you think!

yeah i can stay waayyy later so lets

whats the longest we could go? I’m down for anything, I have the whole day off

I dont work Sundays and I no longer have school as of yesterday so i dont have to go home till 2:00pm monday. we could even order pizza just a thought i like food and yoyoing ;D

I don’t know where a pizza place is?

It doesnt matter, we can have it delivered. Imagine the guy coming up and seeing all of us throwing ;D .

Anyone have any colored stacks they would trade for red ones? They don’t look that good on my 888. I already have white and blue

The guy will be so amazed by our skill he will give it to us for free

He’ll drop it and run

or we could hit him with our yoyos

When Ben gets his 80 gram Lyn we could clobber him with that!

That thing is like a wrecking ball it would kill him.

20 gram!

Also, I will be bringing and selling a couple of mods really cheap. I have a modded hitman, Renegade, Zwei, And more.

I will also be bringing some sandpaper to spiral satin YYJ’s for people if wanted!

ooooh how much for the hitman?