NH yoyo BBQ July 31st. Nashua NH

Hey New England throwers! I am holding a yoyo meet/BBQ in Nashua, New Hampshire at Greeley Park.

105 Concord St, Nashua, NH 03064

The park is a great place with benches, fountains, gazebos, a giant stone house, and grills to cook food. http://activerain.com/image_store/uploads/9/7/1/5/8/ar118680413285179.JPG . Jim (gizzyo) held a meet and I relocated it here and it worked GREAT!

I am holding it on Saturday, July 31st. Times are going to be 11:00am to 5:00pm

Since I don’t feel it right to buy everything I feel it only fair to somehow split the food responsibilities. I can take care of hamburgers and buns, Jim mentioned being able to take care of drinks. If you can contribute something like condements, chips, etc please mention it in your post, but don’t tell us you can bring something unless you absolutely can. If you are unsure, try to bring something non-essential. Since the burgers cost more than anything else you could bring, my father feels its only fair to request like $2 per person coming and planning to eat, no biggie.

Mark your calenders!


Patrick - Hamburgers/buns
Joey - Soda, chips
Steve - Plates/cups/etc.
Jim - soda
Ben - Condements (ketchup, mustard, etc.)
Dana - Some sort of macaroni salad
Andrew - Cookies

w00t! I will be providing a liter or two of sodas. Can’t wait to see you guys there!


I might be able to make it. I’ll try to bring whatever I can. I’ll wanna hear what you think of the Wedgie.

Scratch that I’m coming.


Cool, See you there!

Sounds good.

you’re coming from new york??? nice

edit: I want to get a list of what everyone will be bringing. so far we have:

Patrick - hamburgers/buns
Jim/Joey - soda
Steve - Plates/cups/etc.
Joey - chips

let me know what you can contribute ;D

Yeah unless something comes up.

Who’s Jim???

Also… If I am not loaded with orders, I might be able to take some there.


do you think you can experiment with other formats before the meet or will you be too busy?

I will try to experiment with cotton poly and and a secret idea of mine :smiley: But I am so packed with orders, I can’t get and team packages in. :-[


updated food checklist

I plan on bringing some samples of my secret project for testing. Jim knows what I’m talking about wink

Youz shipping it to me friday?

No, I’m prolly not gonna be able to make one that works to my liking that quick. Expect to see it at the meet, but let me get it done and we’ll go from there.

get stoked

Bump come one come all!!!