Third Annual YOYO BBQ. Nashua, NH. August 12th

Hey guys! It’s just about that time again.

This year, I’m planning on having the BBQ on Sunday, August 12th. As of yet the time is undecided, though chances are it’ll be the majority of the day.

It’ll be taking place at Greeley Park, 100 Concord st, Nashua NH.

There is a dirt road at the end of the park, with a line of trees, grills, and picnic tables. This is where we will be. I tend to come early to snag a location with an easy drive in, properly functioning grill, plenty of sitting and standing room, and multiple tables.

Also, as per tradition, I can’t strategically burn meat all that well (more like straTRAGICly, hur hur) , so if someone wants to be crowned the official grill master, let me know.

I contribute the essentials; meat, buns, napkins, plates, utensils, ice, and condiments. Those who want to bring other things, such as chips, snacks, fruit, drinks, etc. are encouraged to do so. I will be bringing coolers and ice, but bring your own if you like. We can never have too much. Remember, your contributions help make the BBQ what it has been for the previous 2 years, it’s been fantastic.

Looking forward to more great times, guys.

Pat: Dogs, Burgers, Buns, Rolls, Condiments, Ice, Cups/Plates/Utensils
Sara: Chips
Adam: Pasta salad


I hope I can come!

The day seems open for my Family.

Depends if we can drive down there. :slight_smile:

And what’s going on in the family.

Stinks you have a drive. I live 5 minutes away from Greeley!! Hope I can come. It’s three days after my birthday. My birthday is also hopefully the day I get my NEW Code 2!!

Yeah, like an hour, but I am used to long rides.

I’ve done 9 hour drives.

Hope I can come guys. :slight_smile:

I will be there for sure!

I’ll do my best to make it out for this. I’ll need something to fill the post-worlds void.

Do you want people to write on this thread what they would be bringing to the BBQ?

I’m definitely coming. Can I bring the chips? Bump this thread with the brands you like. I prefer Cape Cod, Doritos, Jax brand cheese puffs, and Lays…anybody else got ideas? Also, how many people attended last year. Helps to have an estimated head count so we bring enough for everyone. Can’t wait…

A bit more than a dozen last year. This is a pretty small thing. We’ve never ever been in a food shortage, so don’t sweat that all that much! This year is looking to have a much larger turnout, though.

Okay…That’s great. I’ll bring enough chips for at least double last year’s turnout. I’ll bring extra stuff too.

I will bring pasta salad.

Sounds good… :slight_smile:

Man, your BBQ sound awesome D: Too bad I live in CA.

I might come not an affirmative yet.

I hope you can make it…would be so nice to meet you. We keep missing each other, but we will meet soon I’m sure. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know right?

It’s because my mother is getting two surgery’s. Not sure when yet.

Maybe my dad can bring me and do the cooking…

Hope so,

just hopes.

The chances are getting better!

My dad probably won’t come…

My mom will probs drop me off to this.

She’s going shooting… :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the time?

Hmm, might not go to Mass States, my mom doesn’t want to drive me. :-\

I might be able to make it out to this, seems like a good time.

Times are uncertain as of now, though I’d plan for around 10/11-6 or so. Or at least that’s when I’m planning to be there. I come early to grab a location before the picnic rush.

Definately good to go i can get there as early as like 10 if you want help with setup and stuff