Buffalo Yoyo Club and Finger Lakes Yoyo Club BBQ & Yoyo Extravaganza 5/18

The Buffalo Yoyo Club and The Finger Lakes Yoyo Club will be meeting for a BBQ and yoyo meet at mondo6611’s house from 2pm to ?? on Saturday, May 18 at 9787 Ridge Road Middleport NY 14105. It’ll be real.

Consider me there! 8)

Gonna be a good time. Gives me a chance to put my grill through the paces. Bring whatever you want grilled and I’ll cook it up. I’ll also be doing burgers and sausages too.

BTW, I think we should try to get an idea of what everyone is planning on bringing to the BBQ, so that we don’t end up with 45 bags of potato chips and just 1 package of hot dogs. :wink:

I’ll get some sausages and hamburgers then you guys bring whatever else you’d want to cook on the grill but there will be enough food. Chips and sides are really the only things you guys could bring I’ll supply the meat :slight_smile:

And like I said in the other thread, I’ll bring the hot sauce and spicy stuff. We will also make potato salad. You can’t have a BBQ without it, IMO.

FB Event Page

Nice! Really looking forward to it.

After talking it over with Julia last night, it is looking like we will be bringing homemade pico de gallo, chicken wings, and a few different wing sauces (mild, medium, and stupid hot). We still plan on bringing the potato salad too. But hot wings are a must!

Who else is gonna be making it this awesome event?!

As of right now, Joe Zdro, Jason Mendoza, JRod, Julia, and myself have confirmed that we will be going. There is still more than a month to go before the BBQ though. I’m sure we will get more confirmations as we get closer to the date.


Getting the grill broken in for you guys.

It looks like your grill is CLYW approved! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah they make grills now lol I’m thinking of having it custom anodized :slight_smile:

Anyone who is planning on attending the BBQ, please let us know beforehand.  We would like to know how many people are expected to show up, so that we don’t make too much or too little food.  If you can help out with that, it would be much appreciated.
If you are on Facebook, please confirm you will be attending on the BBQ event page.

If you do not have Facebook, please send me a PM to let me know you plan on coming.  Thanks.

Here’s where it’s all going down everyone. Plenty of room for lots of people and the food will be amazing (and hot thanks to John and Julia). Hope we get a good turnout.

Hot indeed. We just ordered a bunch of hot pepper powders actually, including ghost pepper, red savina and jalapeno. We will be using them in the wing sauces we will be bringing to the BBQ.

Hey guys! I’m very new to throwing, I’m getting my first metal in sometime this week though! I’ve been looking for people around my area (Geneva in the finger lakes) and didn’t even know there was a club! That’s really cool! Is there any more information I could find out about it? Are you guys all pretty good or are some new and some better? Just looking for some local people I guess :3

I’ve only been throwing a year. Everyone is cool and there will be tons of tricks to pick up come on down to the bbq you’ll have a great time.

I’ll look into getting a ride! Do you guys have any other meets?