THE SECOND ANNUAL YOYO BBQ. Nashua NH. Sunday, August 7th.

Hey guys. It’s just about time to kick the YOYO BBQ into gear for this year.

The event is going to be held at Greeley Park, in Nashua, NH on 105 Concord St.
It is going to be on August 7th, 2011, the timeframe is 11:00-5:00.

The same deal for food is going to apply this year:

I am going to be providing the burgers, buns, charcoal, lighter fluid, etc. for grilling.
The food responsibilities for other things like cookies, chips, drinks, condiments, etc. are going to be handled by those coming.
If you can contribute something like condements, chips, etc. please mention it in your post, but don’t tell us you can bring something unless you absolutely can. If you are unsure, try to bring something non-essential.

Same as last year, I am going to be requesting $2 dues from anyone coming to eat to help me pay for the things I am bringing, since it is more expensive, and since I don’t want to rely on anyone but myself for bringing the absolute essentials.

If you are going to be bringing food, you will be placed on this list:

Patrick: Burgers, buns, charcoal, lighter fluid
Jim: Cookies, soda
Joey: Chips, soda

Hope to see you all there! I know this is a bit later than last time, I know.


I can bring Hotdogs, Hotdog buns, and corn on the cob.

Shaping up to be epic already.

Now I need to book a flight,.

Wait. Are you serious about coming or not? Aren’t you in Iowa?

If I can crash with someone, I would drive out.

Man, this BBQ will have to be legit.

Otherwise I will puke all over the Northeast Scene

I should be able to make it. I’ll let you know what I can bring when I’m sure I can come.

Man, I can’t believe that was a year ago…

You can crash @ my place on your way there and back

I’m currently staying with my aunt in new hampshire, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make it.

I’ll try to bring something, but I’ll keep you updated.

I’m also not too bad on a grill myself.

Looks like new blood Pat. I’ll bring chips and soda like I did last year.

What are we thinking for a time frame, same as last year?


The timeframe is going to be 11:00-5:00. Feel free to arrive early, I should be there by 10:30.

I’m pretty sure I can make that.

About how many do you think will be attending?

About 7 or 8 usually go

It’s not a very large scale here. It’s just our usual meetup on steroids.

We need to crown an official grillmaster or two. The method is charcoal.

I’m just not good at strategically burning meat.