4th Annual NH yoyo BBQ

Pat talked with me about helping to set up the event this year as he has been super busy. Looking at August 17th as the date from 10am- when ever in Greeley park 100 Concord St. Nashua, NH. I will try to be as flexible as possible with the date if people have another date that can work. As the date gets closer we can talk about what we will need for food and supplies. Hope everone can make it should be lots of fun again.

While I was mostly just expressing the possibility if I was really not able to, I’m perfectly fine with you being the man in charge this time around. I have too many things on my plate already, so I’d rather not make it a guessing game as the date gets closer. I should have been already thinking about it, and I haven’t, so it’s perfectly reasonable that you’ve picked up the slack.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it yet, as can be inferred, but I’ll certainly do my best since events with you guys are never worth missing.

I haven’t heard other wise so I think we are going to go forward with the date in August. Mark it on your down and make sure your there.

Alright who is interested in coming?

I’ll need at least another 24 hours to figure out if that’s a day off for me. I will let you know soon. But, if I’m there…I’m bringing the chips! Chip duty!! I called it first!! :smiley: Just kidding. Haha.

I’m willing to burgers and chicken sausage if there is enough intrest to have the event.

I’m definitely planning on being there. Might bring some juice, or something?

I’m definitely interested.

I am so interested, hopefully, I’ll be an interesting aspect to add to the BBQ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be coming, as long as things don’t get to hectic.

Glad to hear we are getting some interest. Working on Matt G to come as well. Should be a good time.

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Hey guys, I’m going to Operation Cataclysm at the Feel Good Farms airsoft field on the 17th and 18th, so I’m not going to make it this time around. Have an incredibly awesome time, kay?

^frowny face.

Sorry to hear that Pat :frowning: you will be missed. Hope to get more people there. Lets get a list of who is coming please.

I’m still figuring out if I can come! :stuck_out_tongue:

Shadow you better be there. I will pick you up if I have too. Yoyo kid better be there. It will be great. I got the burgers chicken dogs and buns. Chicken dogs just for you big Mike.

I’ll try to get there! I may be a little late! I’m hoping to get there around 12! I’ll hopefully stay there till 3! Yeah, I know it’s not long but the day is completely packed for me!


I will try to get the morning off of work that day, If not, I might not be able to go! :frowning:

I’m coming. But I’m not going to bring anything. And I won’t help cook.

I’m really just around to inspire greatness.


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I start my 2 weeks of vacation that day…so things are looking up! ;D

Sweet I have missed you totalartist. We need to catch up!!!