4th Annual NH yoyo BBQ

Missed you too…big time. This may be the right time to catch up, :wink: See you soon.

I’ll be there

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This is still happening, correct?

Boy… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully going.

Yup bbq is still on see you guys there

I will try to come, I may be a little late if I show up at all. :-\ The party I was going to afterwards was cancelled so I don’t have to leave to early, but I probably will be a couple hours late. I will try to get out of work for that day. If not, oh well, sometimes life gets in the way! :-\

Still looking good for me to pop up, and I’m trying to reel in Kdbams, who I chatted up today. If schedules permit…you never know.

I hope she can come!

I will try my best to randomly show up too. :wink:

I will be looking for you too! :slight_smile:

Let’s hope I’m able to go then! :wink:

If if go, I’ll be about two hours late. I have a drum lesson at 11:30. :stuck_out_tongue:

Late is fine

I see people bringing burgers etc…, chips, and juice. I’ll bring a cooler with water and soda and a bunch of paper plates if you still need stuff. If you’d rather I bring something else let me know.

Also, I’ll bring some money for anyone selling a KLR or ministar (blue, gray, or red preferred)

I want that pasta salad you made last time. :smiley: Will you make it this time? ;D I will bring the chips, and last time I brought Salmon, but not everyone likes fish. It came out so good though, I loved it. How about I bring some…chicken. Wings perhaps? Everyone likes chicken.

What grill are we using? I have a small one that might fit in my car :-\

I was going to use charcoal with the grills they have. Since you requested it I can make the macaroni salad. If you can bring the grill let me know. Do you like Buffalo chicken. If so I came up with a new recipe for Buffalo macaroni salad.

Somehow I missed this post earlier. I’ll have to see if I can go. What else is needed? I could bake cookies or something.

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Buffalo macaroni salad!!! You have my attention

I’ll add utensils to my plates. Count on the cooler packed with drinks from me

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Okay, I’ll bring a small grill, but way bigger than what’s at the park :smiley: I have 3 bags of charcoal at home, so if you didn’t buy it already, you can save on that, and I’ll bring a bag. I bought a bunch on sale at the beginning of the Summer. I’ll let you decide on the macaroni salad, but that one you made last time was the bomb :wink:

So far:

  1. Grill
  2. Chips
  3. Charcoal
  4. Wings? :-\

I don’t use lighter fluid, I use a chimney starter, so if the park will hassle us about some smoke for 10 minutes…let me know. Otherwise, we don’t need lighter fluid. Yay or nay on the wings?

Yoyo408 that would be great if you can bring cooler and drinks