NH yoyo BBQ video

Here is my video for the NH yoyo BBQ at Greeley park Nashua, NH on July 31st. I don’t think any of us were really trying too hard to yoyo well, we were just having good times. Thanks to everyone who made it and helped make this possible. Consider this an annual thing  ;D


Awesome vid
The yoyo bling string around your neck looked cool. :smiley:

i wish i could have made it :’(


That’s one out of two, MISTER!

One of one, since the other is unengraved right?

I was wondering why no had posted here then i realized you had it in another thread. lol

that looked really fun.

oh yeah, its over here too…

good times!

I can haz P2?

hey i have another p2 on the way ;D

You suck lol

I can haz other one for free(z)?

I also have a markmont which is basically a p2 coated in nickel. but i would be willing to part with one for the right offer you guys know how i am ::slight_smile: