NewHampshire Meet-Up June 13th Anyone is Welcome, TIME CHANGE PLZ LOOK!

$25dollars. YYJ stock bearing, spiral satined, X-con Pogs, 1 small scratch. I will put a satin again before the meetup. Siliconed, and also, it has almost all of the vibe tuned out of it.
and its a 200 gram lyn. Sorry for the typo.

B2YY, are you satining the yoyos while you’re there? I may have a friends Dm, hitman, and sigma for you to do!

Yes… I will do spiral satin, and bring my dremel for standard satin. Spiral satin is better though.

Does anybody have any extra foam for cases i could buy? Also what are we going to do if it is raining?

TIME CHANGE TO 1:00-3:00!!!

Note taken :wink:

ahhhg! I hope thats supposed to say 11:00!

Yay 2 days! If it rains steve I’m sure we could go inside… I have 2 slabs of white 1 inch foam if you want to buy that. I’m bummed about the time change though ahahah

Okay cool cant wait also i have a hatrick on order from the bst

okay I called the library to see if we could go inside if it rained. They said it would of been fine but they are closed on sunday now since it’s summer…if this is that big of a concern to you think it would make sense to reschedule to saturday? short notice but thats an idea nevermind they said no haha.

Theres a place in nashua called Greeley Park that has a really nice park, a couple of gazebos and a big stone house to hunker into if it rains

would this be a good place?

Yeah lets meet at greeley park instead I love that place

We will play it by year. I don’t want to change the date witha day or two to go.

Alrighty everyone this is important (NOBODY PANIC AHHHHHG)! Due to weather problems the yoyo meet in Nashua NH has been relocated form the library to:

Greeley Park
105 Concord St, Nashua, NH 03064

This is a really nice park on the other side of town, and we found this location to be more favorable because if it rains, we can hunker down in the gazebos or this:
Steve (AFrozenYetiBaby) has been here before so he is our map to finding the stone house if needed. There is a parking lot but street parking is also accessible.

All times are the same but plan accordingly!

were just changing the locAtion evrything else will saty the same

still bummed that its not starting at 11 though haha

Greeley park is REALLY close to the library it seems. It’s only like a mile and a half away!

Rain or Shine people, it’s on.

weather: “yoyoers or not, it’s on!”


see ya at 1!! I’m leaving in an hour to go to lunch and then Nashua. Hope nobody gets lost. We should meet at the stone house, you cant miss it.

Jun 13
10 am
63° F

11 am
64° F

12 pm
66° F

1 pm
68° F

2 pm
69° F

3 pm
69° F

4 pm
68° F

5 pm
68° F


See everybody there.

I had a really good time guys! I’m glad the weather and new location worked out.

Thanks go out to:
Jim for inititally planning the meet and getting me the sick signiture string!
Ben for the dice stacks and letting me rim polish your barco
Dena (sp?) for the extra O-ring, the long stacks/toptips, and the rat’s-nest of string (thanks for passing your problem to ME :wink: )
Max for the PGM, z stacks, and letting me polish your chaotic and new breed
Steve for buying some string (try the chaos 422, suicides are INSANE)

I think that’s it! looking foward to next time!!!

-Pat! (smash)