How long before your first competition?

Just curious, but I was wondering how long you guys yo-yoed before you started competing in state competitions, BAC, Worlds, etc.

I’d assume it’s not something that happens in a few months?

I started throwing in May of 2011. First contest I attended was CalStates, 2012. However, I also did sound. I don’t compete.

There’s no rule. It’s a matter of how comfortable you feel with your skills. The second yoyo contest I did was the Horizon YoYo Contest. While small, it was very fun and a peer judged contest. I’d say more groups and clubs that can organize these, the better. While it can’t compare to the big contests, don’t think some good players aren’t around. You can see how you stack up.

Also, don’t forget about the trick ladders! This is a good way to compete as well!

While I’ll never compete, I’ll keep providing sound and have loads of fun!

I started throwing in 2002 or 2003, and my first contest was ME States 2004 (the first contest I knew about to attend). I didn’t enter freestyle divisions until 2005, though.

I’d say it’s never too soon to start entering ladder divisions, but there’s no set period of time before you’re “ready” to enter a championship freestyle division. It took me 10 years to get that right, but then you look at Harold Owens who took Nationals after ~4 years (or so I’ve heard).

I got into the hobby around August of 2010, and my first contest was Southern California [So-Cal] 2012. It’s a small contest and it’s not really that competitive [which makes it easier for ‘veterans’ to take the gold]. Entering was free so I gave it a shot.
I went for freestyles right away and I sucked because I didn’t prepare beforehand and I literally put the freestyle on “freestyle”. Not only that, I had stage fright and I froze…

But anyway, it took me about a year and a half to compete for the first time. I don’t think I’ll be able to dominate contests soon, but I’ll be more than happy to just learn new tricks and find my own style.

I started yoyoing in July of 2011. My first contest was MA states in October of 2011. I competed in pick your trick (ladder). First freestyle was sport 1A at RI states in April of 2012. If you feel comfortable you should get up there and have some fun.

I started around the beginning of february, 2011 (2/4/11 to be exact) and I still haven’t competed. don’t really plan to. I just like throwing for fun. Competing is stressful, or so I’ve been told be a couple guys at a meet up I go to. First coming up with a routine, matching it perfectly with a song, then practicing nothing but that routine to perfection… doesn’t sound that fun to me. I’d rather just throw and do whatever I want. I still go to competitions to watch though.

I’ve been yoyoing for over 5 years and have yet to compete…

My first contest was socal 2012 and I had been seriously yoyoing for about 2 years. I choked on stage and didn’t do so well but I know there were some people freestyling who only had a few months under their belt. Also the trick ladder had quite a few rank beginners so regardless of your skill level there is somewhere you can compete at any competition.

There’s definitely some truth to this, but for me, being on stage is the most fun part of yoyoing. Though the last week of practice before a contest is pretty nerve-wracking.

Ya I agree it can be stressful but it is so much fun. When you get a good reaction from the crowd makes it all worth while. Coming up with routines to music is the fun and creative part of yoyoing. It’s difficult at first for sure, but it can lead you into so many diffrent tricks.

'bout two years, but there aren’t many contests down here near the great state of Mississippi.

I’ve never competed.

I hope to just have fun and do a freestyle at MA states and Eli hopes. :smiley:

If all goes well, this summer will be my first. Hopefully at NC States. v That’d make it about a year-and-a-half.

If you count my school talent show, then sure, I’ve been to a competition (sorry you didn’t exactly say yo-yo competiton :P)

Actually I was thinking of starting my own, because I don’t travel a lot, and I live in Louisiana (not many contest going on over here unfortunately)

I started in March of last year and I think I’m going to do the sport ladder at either Indiana states or the mid east regionals.

No plans on getting up on stage anytime soon but trick ladders are tempting. Something that I am not in front of a huge crowd, I’m fine with.

When in college in speech class, delivering a speech was hard for me, I fumbled all my words up in sheer nervousness. I’m sure I would jam up every trick knowing a huge crowd is watching.

Started yoyoing in 2003. My First contest was Cal States 2007. The only reason for this was due to the lack of traveling buddies. Then it came to Nationals 2007, and met people from Phoenix Az.
( Holla) Now If i get a chance to go to a contest, (closest is California) I go.

My parents say that they’ll bring me ti worlds ONLY if I compete. Ugh…I’ve been yoyoing for two years and plan to go to WYYC 2014.

I started throwing in August 2010 and I started off with two ladder contests, the first one about 6 months after that and the other about a year after I started. But the first real contest was April 2012.