Hey guys I have been yo-yoing for about 3 months and think I am pretty good I am using a dv888 right now but feel like if I am not competing in contests I am wasting money. How far along were you wen you started entering contests? And do you know any fun contests to enter in on long Island, NY. Thanks for the help.Also some of the tricks ik are kwijjibo, spirit bomb, And Whut, Kamikaze, and Switch Blade. Those are prob my best.

if you want try sport ladder. I started going at 6 months and competed at 10 months . You are not wasting money as long as you are having fun. I know os some yoyoers that have thrown for 5-15 years and never competed. So i dont think you are wasting your time but i suggest you go to your first contest soon just to watch and see what it is like even if you dont compete, this will get you used to the feel of it.

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my first one is in two days ;D